Blog: 5 Tips for Professionals to Master Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has become the newest and most efficient way for people to connect, stay current, and have a voice; and for good reason! There is truly no place like the world wide web to be able to surround yourself with the people, places, and things you are most passionate about! Check out these five insightful tips to ensure that you are ALWAYS on top of your social media game! You’ll have friends and followers alike wondering what your secret is to your creative, original, personal branding goodness!

1.   Get Some Inspo! Fine Tune Your Branding and Mission 

You have to start somewhere, and the wonderful property about social media is that your account can be whatever you make it. Your brand is dependent on only one thing…. YOU! Stay true to the things you love, if you love baking, teachingworking out, or playing music, curate your Instagram, Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter to reflect that! Your image online is a lot more transparent than you’d think, and it’s much easier for an audience member who is on the fence to walk away from following your page to staying loyal and engaged. In essence, once you know what your branding is, commit to it and shoot for the moon! This DOESN’T mean your content has to be repetitive, boring, or dull, but it DOES give you an opportunity to create your own unique niche within the theme of your accounts!


Having a social media roll-out plan is perhaps one of the most important tips you can take from today to help your tech-savvy web skills and creative branding really stick with your growing audience. Having scheduled posts that are consistent, well thought out, and brand-aligned will allow your social media presence to be a force to be reckoned with, and your followers will continue to want more and more of the content you create! The best way to do this is to create an editorial calendar with the days and posts you will be adding to each social media channel. There are numerous free online templates to aid you with this! This is a major and oftentimes overlooked step in social media success, so start planning and scheduling your content calendar as soon as possible.

3. Join Groups of Relatable Topics!

Immersing yourself in communities of like-minded people is one of the best things you can do for social media success. This comes in the form of joining Facebook and Linked-In groups! In every category and sub-category, you can imagine, there are thousands upon thousands of groups that exist for one reason: to speak about the one subject they are passionate about and unpack and dive into everything and anything that pertains to that one subject. These groups and the people in them want you to join and share your experiences, triumphs, failures, and honestly listen to whatever else you have to bring to the table.

While these online groups on social media are still a relatively new concept, they will really help you shape your identity and branding even further by looking into what kind of content and image people like you are putting on their social channels for their audience to see. You’ll see examples of personal branding done great, horrid, and everything in between by being a part of these unique online communities. You’ll probably make more than a few friends in the process as well!

4Be Engaging! Foster an Interactive and Participatory Style of Social Media

Since 90% or more of the people that will come across your social channels won’t know you personally, YOU ARE THE CONTENT YOU CREATE. This will be the only snapshot most people will have of you, so make it you.. but make it fun, relatable, and ENGAGING! People want to see content that makes them think, laugh, comment, or challenges them in one way or another. Maintain engagement by brainstorming what is really going to make your audience feel more inclined to be loyal to your page, while also remembering to stay true to the simplicity of what your page’s content is highlighting

5. Always have an open mind and have fun!

You started your social channels for a reason because you had a vision for an image, brand, and message that you wanted the world to see! Always remember that it is supposed to be fun and that the end of the day if 10,100, or 100,000 people are seeing your content, that’s more than okay! So long as you are painting the picture you that YOU want, you are fulfilling the purpose of what these channels were created to do. If you take anything from this, remember this: It’s you, your brand, your voice, and your creativity! So get to it and happy posting!

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