Ladies and gentlemen the time has come for Coastline College to unveil its new mascot. I will give everyone a hint for what the mascot might be...they swim in the ocean and are some of the friendliest creatures on the planet. They are incredibly smart and swim at high speeds. These mammals get along with humans really well and are great companions. In some instances they have saved human lives and are known for their human fondness. You might have been thinking of a seal, sea otter, or a dolphin. I am happy to announce that our school mascot is in fact a dolphin! The dolphin represents everything that Coastline stands for: intelligence, education, drive, and the willingness to learn. Coastline College and our new mascot the dolphin go hand in hand together. I will deep dive further into why this is an important event for Coastline College. 


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Let's take a look at the first reason as to why we have selected the dolphin as our mascot. Dolphins are highly intelligent animals and they are able to navigate the ocean with ease. At Coastline we pride ourselves in being the best of the best when it comes to community colleges. We pride ourselves in getting our students the best quality education, before they enter the working world. Coastline College gives students the ability to seamlessly work towards varying degree programs. Just like our counterparts of the ocean - dolphins and students work hard for their goals. Dolphins are often looked at as prestigious and elegant creatures of the ocean. Coastline College has been awarded as a prestigious and excellent college for all students. 

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In addition to dolphins being selected for their intelligence, Coastline has also picked these beautiful mammals for being very friendly. It is a widely known and positive attribute of dolphins that they are friendly. Humans can swim with dolphins and train with them. I have swam with dolphins before and they made me feel very comfortable. At times, Dolphins are known to swim together in packs to protect one another. At Coastline we help our students achieve academic success that translates well into the working world. Just like Dolphins create a nurturing environment for each other; at Coastline we take the same initiative with our students. Coastline college is dedicated to the success of its students and has created a successful educational habitat.

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The dolphin mascot also signifies that our students are active with their lives. Just imagine how many miles dolphins swim to arrive at intended destinations. Compare that with our students who are putting in maximum effort - going to school full time, working full time, and getting the grades that will transfer them into elite universities. Academically speaking, Coastline has some of the brightest students in all of Southern California. Even though a lot of the students at Coastline lead busy and active lives they enjoy the socialization of Coastline College. At our school we have many clubs that help students come together.  

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Students at Coastline College like to come together to make decisions. The process and the creation of the dolphin logo was heavily influenced by students. Numerous surveys, polls, and student feedback went into the creation of our lovely mascot. The student voice was heard and the results were in for an oceanic mammal to be our mascot! The student lead esports club that was formed in 2020 is excited to use the logo for promotional content. For a while the club did not have an official logo to use. Those days are long gone, as the esports club has the ability to call themselves The Coastline Dolphins. The logo and the dolphin will give the esports club brand recognition. Every major school and organization has a logo that is recognized by people all over. Everyone here at Coastline College is thrilled to have the dolphin logo and mascot.



As we look at our new dolphin mascot I think that Coastline College has created a great looking logo. Current and future students will be able to recognize the brand and the logo right away. A recognizable logo has been created by hard working faculty members here at Coastline College. Many different versions of the logo were used and many revisions were made. We greatly appreciate the graphic artists that worked on and designed the logo! Lets not forget the students that were involved with the voting process. Big shout out to everybody who was involved with the process! Coastline College now has a beautiful logo that is warm and welcoming to all! 


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