Blog: Coastline CUES Programs Providing Hands-On Job Training

Inside the Heavy Industry Factory Female Industrial Engineer Works on Personal Computer She Designs 3D Turbine Model, Her Male Colleague Talks with Her and Uses Tablet Computer.

Where can a student obtain exceptional, dedicated, hands-on, short-term training for a career in construction and infrastructure, graduate from that program on a Friday, and on the following Monday most of the graduation class start at a higher paying rewarding job in their career? This is attainable through the CUES (Construction, Utilities, Energy, and Safety) Programs offered at Coastline College.

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Blog: Coastline College Filling the Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

Finger print Scanning Identification System

The need for cybersecurity experts is rapidly expanding and cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. Cybercrime is increasing in complexity and frequency. It is considered to be a significant danger to U.S. government agencies, companies, and organizations susceptible to potential data breaches and cyber-attacks, which affect our national and economic security.

Graduates with a degree or certificate in cybersecurity have a range of career options in every industry, including positions in banking and finance, tech, manufacturing, and in government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and National Security Agency (NSA). Like other computer networking degrees, salaries for those involved in cybersecurity and information security are usually higher than average. Cybersecurity professionals can earn an average

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Blog: Coastline Online Programs Commitment to Flexible Learning

Business woman working on a laptop in an inflatable ring in the water.

As you know, online and distance learning has developed over the years and become a growing percentage of college education courses offered by educational institutions nationwide. An increasing number of traditional and post-traditional students are taking online courses or programs for greater flexibility in balancing their work, family, and life situations. Since the majority of students attending community colleges need to work while pursuing their studies, community colleges that offer more flexible course schedules in hybrid, and site-based formats are better able to accommodate these students’ needs. Coastline is proud to be an example of such an institution offering about 83% of our programs through various distance learning modalities as well as offering site-based programs. Continue reading “Blog: Coastline Online Programs Commitment to Flexible Learning”