(Thanks)Giving Tuesday

Here at Coastline we want to take a moment to talk about what #GivingTuesday (arriving December 1st) means to us, and, more importantly, to students.

A flotation device representing GivingTuesday

As of the publication of this blog, Thanksgiving is actually yet to finish, or even begin. So I’ll start by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! But I’d like to jump ahead a week to discuss a very important day in the calendar: GivingTuesday.

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Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday

A reflection on such a community-oriented holiday, and why I love it, even minus the community in 2020 due to the pandemic.

A 2020 thanksgiving table setting, complete with autumnal placemats, colorful gourds, pine cones, and masks.

2020 has been quite a year. Words hardly do justice to the range of events that have pummeled our human shores, like waves crashing again and again on the beach. I won’t be able to list everything here; besides, there are innumerable personal tragedies, alongside the national and global ones, that have etched themselves into our lives that I simply don’t know about.

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College Disrupted – A Pandemic Gap Year Could Cost You $90k

90,000 is definitely a chunk of change. Find out how delaying college can cost that much or more, and what to do about it.

A diploma sits on top of 100 dollar bills and a graduation cap nearby.

What do you like to put off? Work? Chores? How about college? Because of the pandemic, more and more college-aged kids decided to delay starting their freshman year. There are a lot of reasons for this; some would say that in-person learning, surrounded by like-minded peers in the pursuit of…education? Partying? Both?… is an integral part of the college experience.

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10 Acts of Kindness To Do During the Pandemic

Kindness is key; it’s our secret superpower, and it’s time we started using it. Here are some ways to start.

A brown dog and gray cat cuddle together; it's adorable.

What does the world need right now, more than anything else? The best answer I come up with is some kind of collective, global, earth-shaking hug. But, since we still live in a pandemic, and that would probably be tough to organize anyway, I’ll settle for something just as good: small acts of kindness that can be practiced safely during these pandemic days.

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Honoring Our Veterans at Coastline College

A literary salute to our veterans and interviews with Michael Scott and Tom Boscamp of Coastline College on how to educationally serve those who served.

Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day. It is a chance to metaphorically, and perhaps literally, salute those who have given their time, their livelihoods, and maybe even their lives to serve our national interest in the United States, domestically or abroad. Since the end of the draft and the rise of the volunteer army, we civilians often keep our service members and veterans at a bit of an arms’ length distance. They remind us of global conflicts that seem far away and perhaps call to mind uncomfortable truths about human nature and ourselves.

What is the net affect of this distance? It’s tough to say with 100% certainty, but it’s worth pointing out that the rate of veteran suicide is approximately 1.5 times higher than non-veterans. It’s a sobering and saddening statistic; it should make you angry too. The prevailing notion in the U.S. is that we take care of our own, but I have to ask myself at least whether that’s true.

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The Job Hunt: November Is the Time to Look And Here’s Why

The uncomfortable truth about why November is a good time to start looking for a job. Put yourself, and your resume, out there!

Female brown bear scratching her back against a log giving an impression she was waving at us.
Source: Getty

The holiday season for humans is like hibernation for bears. But what activity consumes bears before they hibernate? Feeding and fattening up of course. And what’s the human equivalent of fattening up before winter? Networking and hunting for a job, that’s what.

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FRIGHT NIGHT: Halloween Movies For Your Halloweekend

A selection of spooky, and not so spooky, films to watch over the weekend, or whenever you want to feel your heart hammering in your chest.

Man loses his popcorn because he gets startled with fright...eeek!
Source: Getty

I have a friend who can’t stand scary movies. He’s not a fan of horror films or intense psychological thrillers in general, though I have known him to make a few exceptions here and there. Okay, okay, I can’t keep up this charade! That friend is me. I’m talking about myself! I don’t like scary movies *hangs head in shame*.

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How to Celebrate Halloween During a Pandemic

Hint: It involves lots and lots of candy. And maybe some spooky cocktails too…

Lighted Halloween Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Wearing Covid PPE Mask On Steps
Source: Getty

It’s Spooky Season folks. And what a spooky season it is. Trick-or-Treating is out this year (at least in California) and anxieties are running high, or they ought to be, because of the Presidential Election on November 3rd (VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!). As I said earlier this week in a different blog, it’s a stressful time. As the cool earthiness of autumn sets in it can be hard to remember what normalcy, good times, or even relaxation feels like.

So that’s why, even with trick-or-treating not in the cards (Tarot cards that is), I wanted to lay out a few ways you and your friends, peers, family, whoever, can still have a spooktacular Halloweekend. Let’s get to it.

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Got Zoom Fatigue? Here’s Some Ways to De-Stress During a Pandemic

A few ways to unwind and uncoil the knots of stress that I know are lodged deep within you as we speak (because I have them too).

A woman practicing deep breathing. Title Image.

On March 15, 2020, America went into lockdown. The experience was akin to a butterfly being forced back into a cocoon because of circumstances beyond its control. And then, two weeks later, America’s restless cocoon period was extended, and then extended again.

Now, different parts of the United States, and indeed the world, are operating at different frequencies of openness, business, socialness, etc. This has always been true of course, but now those frequencies are painted in sharp lines; it’s not that business looks different in Texas or Arizona from New York, it’s that it sort of has to look different, due to a virus that has taken more than 200,000 American lives, and sadly will continue to take more.

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Student Success Story: Probabilities on the Bus

Today, we bring you a Student Success Story about Teresa Moses, who overcame obstacles, wants to help create social justice programs, and practices her probabilities while she drives a bus for work.

Teresa's Wall of Motivation; filled with advice like "Laugh Daily" and "Live Kindly" and images.
Pictured, Teresa’s Wall of Motivation; courtesy of Teresa Moses

Having an open mind, a curiosity and desire to learn, is a highly underrated skill. Whether you are a child struggling to try a new food, a person experiencing a new culture for the first time, or a student taking their first statistics class, being open minded is essential to not just learning information and moving on, but to actually enjoying the process of learning itself and maybe even inspiring you to learn more.

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