Welcome! The faculty, management, and staff of Coastline College are excited to welcome you to the Fall 2019 term. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way as you pursue and achieve your academic goals. All of our caring personnel are eager to help and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to explore our extensive student support services and take advantage of all that’s available to you!

Classes begin the week of Monday, August 26th!


If you decide not to attend one or more of the classes in which you are enrolled, you need to drop the classes by the refund deadline. Refer to your Student Class Program, Web Schedule Bill for drop dates for each of your courses to ensure the fees are cancelled. For a successful start to your semester, follow these steps:


Not an exact depiction of class schedule

Print your Student Class Program from ‘MyCCC’. Your Student Class Program is proof that you registered and paid your fees.  It also includes important information about your class meeting time and location as well as important deadline dates for each class.


Make sure you check your student G-mail in MyCCC for information from your Instructor regarding your class. On the first day of the term, to access your online courses in our CANVAS learning management system, go to the Coastline College Website and click on the “Canvas Login.” Link. Then, click the link to enter Canvas using your MyCCC username and password. (Note: If you used Canvas at Coastline College in prior terms, your old Canvas password will no longer be recognized by the system. We recommend you use your MyCCC username and password to log in by clicking the link noted above.)


Attend the first class meeting. If you miss the first class meeting, or arrive late, your instructor may give away your seat to another student.


On Campus Classes – If you are on a waitlist for a class, go to the first class meeting to request an Add Permit with Add Code.  The instructor may give you an add permit to register in the class if seats are available in that class.

Online Classes – If you are on a waitlist for a class, email the instructor to request an Add Code. The instructor may give you an add code to register in the class if seats are available in that class. You may look up the instructor email address by clicking here.


Order your parking permit online by clicking here. Campus Safety does not ticket in student and metered parking areas during the first 2 weeks of the semester, it is important that you order a parking permit now so that you will receive it before ticketing begins. Parking permits will be enforced as of Monday, the 3rd week of school. Semester parking permits are NOT sold on campus—they are only sold online.


Fountain Valley Student Services Center

Now that you have your student class program, you may go to the Admissions and Records office and get your Student picture ID card at no cost. Provide your student class program and government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.) to obtain your official CC Student ID card. Your student ID card can be used for subsequent semesters when properly validated.


Order or rent your textbooks ahead of time. You can visit the Bookstore website to get your books. Purchase or rent your textbook and materials before the first day of the course. This will allow you to complete the required assignments for the first week. It could take up to one week to receive the printed textbook. For quicker access, consider renting or purchasing the e-text version.


For On-site courses print out our campus locations and look for the classroom meeting locations on your Student Class Program.  Campus Map is available on line for you to locate your classes. We recommend that if you are not familiar with the Coastline College locations, you may access the Campus Map and arrange to visit that location prior to your class.  


Deadlines such as Pass/No Pass and withdrawing without a “W” might not be the same for all classes. Refer to your Student Class Program and/or Registration Dates webpage for specific dates for each course.


Coastline Image of App

The new Coastline Mobile App is now available for download from the App store – iOS and Google Play! Get connected with services, other students, and stay informed about events at Coastline with this handy and easy-to-use social app.

Download: Coastline App

Got questions? Please call the Welcome Center at (714) 241-6176 or email us at

Thank you for choosing Coastline College and have a successful semester.

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