Top 10 Resume Tips to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile and Help You Land Your Dream Job

Graduation is upon us and, you have finished your finals. With all the hard work behind you and preparation for your new future, you are ready to go out into the workforce with your degree or certificate. We are here to help you get your resume in tip top shape to conquer and land your dream job.
Remember, along with your degree or certificate, your resume is a reflection of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you are capable of doing. It is marketing document showcasing your ability and skills. You need to create an attractive and appealing resume that contains information employers require. Without a proper resume, you will not get the interview or the job you want.
How many times have you glanced at a book or picked up a magazine to read and flipped through them briefly? How long did it take you to decide whether or not to continue? A few seconds maybe? Well that is the exact same scenario with your resume. You need to show a compelling and convincing reason to make your potential employer want to meet with you for an interview.

So, make it worth reading with some of our tips below:

Cover Letter

Always include a cover letter. There is a proverbial rule that a cover letter goes hand in hand with the resume. The cover letter allows you to express a bit more in detail about some of the elements you may have included in your resume, as well as address any material or questions. In addition, the cover letter can express a bit about your personality. Always remember to tailor your cover letter and to make sure it matches your resume. This leads into the next tip.

Target it. Tailor it to the Job Description

This is extremely important along with the cover letter. Head-hunters and employers get hundreds and sometimes thousands of resumes for every job that is posted. The one size fits all approach does not work here. Remember that every job is different and depending on the position that is available or open, you need to make sure you fine-tune your resume for that specific job. You want your resume to reflect as close to a perfect match with your qualifications and experience. Therefore, you need a dedicated resume for each job. Now, writing a custom resume for each job takes a lot more effort, but the effort is well worth it. It is your future career on the line

Craft a Thoughtful Constructed Designed Resume

Your resume is your first calling card for any job. But there are important elements to your resume. Always use a professional font such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Ariel which have clean lines. Make sure you use proper formatting. There are three most common resume formats: Reverse chronological resume, Functional resume, and Combination resume. Organize your sections and headings. Make sure the resume reflects your education, work experience, and relevant skills. Copy edit and polish it to the reflect your best self.

Study and Review Resume Examples in your Industry

Spend the time to study and review examples of resumes in your industry or line of work. See what style and/or type of resume is used. Also check out specific words, jargon, and terminology, as well as skills that are in these resumes. Compare your background to these samples and make sure that your resume resembles to what is being used to get a better response. Include in your summary, the exact skills, or qualifications your potential employer is requiring.

Look for Keywords in Job Postings

Use keywords in your resume that pertain to job postings that you are interested in. Always use the relevant terminology and jargon for your industry. Each field of work may have their own language and used of terms. Use active language. Study each job description for keywords that show what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate and include those keywords in your resume when relevant. As most resumes are sent online, there are key words the companies will digitally scan for before even physically reviewing a resume.

Quality over Quantity

Lean, simple, and straightforward. Brief, short and to-the-point, contained in your summary and experience descriptions. Make sure you include only the most key and relevant information and put the most important information first.

Tell Your Prospective Employer What You Can Do for Them

Focus on what you can offer your prospective company rather than what the business can offer you. List what are some unique skills or experiences that you can bring to the table. Explain what sets you apart and makes you different from another potential candidate. Feature specific skills and define examples of your skills. Draw attention to your most noteworthy achievements. Clarify why you are the best for the job.

Promote Yourself and Your Connections

Describe and highlight key accomplishments. Promote your connections. If you have worked at a high-profile company or have worked at jobs with well-known or famous people, go ahead and include all of them by name. Everyone knows companies like Google, CNN, or famous names or government officials and the like. Familiarity lends to some credibility so take advantage if you can in this area.

Link Strategic Social Media Accounts

Including links to social media accounts on a resume is becoming more common. Make sure there is relevancy and consistency with your online profile media accounts and your resume, as well as distinguishing between your professional and non-professional accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Your LinkedIn profile which is a professional profile should match with your resume. If you have a professional website or blog, you should also include the URL in your contact information section. Always use proper discretion with social media accounts so when being hired for a job you look like someone, they would want to be a part of their company.

And Last But, Not Least. Do Not Lie or Over Embellish

Everyone wants to present their finest when trying to impress but remember do not overdo it when trying to market yourself for a job. Always highlight the best of your abilities and experience but do not exaggerate to the point where it can come back to bite you. Always behave and do the right thing and you will reap the proper rewards. Go out and conquer, but with the truth at your back.

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