Top 12 Most Popular Online Majors & Best Online Degrees for Careers?

The internet has opened amazing doors of opportunity for the world. Before the internet, if you wanted to get an education or degree, you had to go to a physical location and live in close proximity to a college or institution. Nowadays with online education you are no longer subject to these traditional barriers to education. Courses can be taken online from colleges and universities no matter where the school is located. Additionally, with the flexibility that online classes offer, you can also manage your work schedule easier around these flexible class schedules. As a result, the workforce is being educated while working which is a new trend in the history of higher education. What was unheard of a generation ago, is becoming common place. Now you can get your degree online, anywhere, anytime, without the constraints of having to be physically located on a college campus.

Moreover, with the unfortunate Covid-19 virus pandemic, educational institutions are temporarily closing across the country. But if you are getting your degree online, your educational pathway should not be affected during this terrible crisis.

So, what are the most popular online majors and best online degrees for careers in today's workforce? Once you checked out these online degrees, look at some of Coastline's online course offerings.


According to U.S. News and World Report, Business Administration is the most popular online degree. More students are enrolled in Business Administration programs around the nation than any other online degree program. The reason being is that the principles of business and management courses are relevant to almost every career field such as marketing, finance, technology, health care, manufacturing, and other disciplines. Another major attraction to this degree is the income and stability that it brings. Most graduates in business administration start at a salary of $60,000 and go upward from there.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance are also popular as the demand, income, and career stability make them a wise choice for online degree careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics new accounting and finance jobs exceed most other fields. Many accountants work independently in such areas as tax preparationpayroll, and bookkeeping. Those who specialize more in finance generally work in medium to large firms in account management, investments and consulting. These accounting and finance jobs also pay well with an average income between $65,000 - $90,000.

Computer Science & Cybersecurity

Technology has changed the way we live, and computers are a major part of everyday life and business. The computer science major prepares graduates for a diverse array of technical skills. These graduates in computer science become Programmers, Software and Web Developers, and Network Architects. Cybersecurity and Artificial intelligence are new areas that are also growing rapidly and in high demand. Like business administration, jobs are available in every type of business, banking, government, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, etc. With a starting six figure salary being a very real possibility those with these special adapted technical skills should explore this career. With the growth of technology and cybersecurity, companies, both corporate and private, will always need individuals skilled in computer science.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice programs combine several academic disciplines in their curriculum, such as law, sociologypsychology, and scienceCriminal Justice programs prepare students for careers in fields such as forensic scientists, legal analysts, and probation officers. With cybercrime on the rise, those who hold a degree in Criminal Justice and who also have a background in computer science or information technology can qualify for employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Homeland Security. Criminal Justice positions are available at all levels of government, federal, state, and local. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salaries of those who work in the criminal justice field range from $45,000 to approximately $75,000 depending on their position.

Digital Graphics and Animation

Digital Graphic Design and Animation artists work in the world of movies and video games, as well as advertisingmarketing and media. Some Animation careers include Special Effects for film, Art Directors, 3D Modeling, Storyboard Artist and Graphic Designers. Animators can use traditional media to make art, whereas Graphic Designers use computers for art-combining traditional art concepts with modern technology. Graphic Designers develop and produce designs used in print media such as magazines, advertisements, brochures, and corporate reports. The average annual salary for graphic designers and digital animators ranges between $50,000 - $70,000.


Those with a degree in Psychology can work in various capacities in business, health care, marketing, criminal justice and more. If you are interested in human behavior, what motivates people, and want to help in people's lives, this degree can allow you to work in a series of positions. Psychology is one of the most popular majors on college campuses, but it also has a positive outlook, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting job growth of 14% for psychologists through 2026, with similarly positive outlooks for many related careers. Major occupational groups where a large share of psychology groups find work include human services, administrative services, marketing and sales, and education. Salaries can range from $45,000 - $85,000.

Marketing & Communications

Communications majors learn how to influence, and use public relations and communications to communicate, assess the needs and preferences of readers, viewers, and listeners. Many communications jobs create innovative strategies for conveying their messages. Communications majors learn to write effectively for many different formats and channels, including creative, persuasive, descriptive, and journalistic styles. They also exercise the ability to integrate pictures, video, and audio in the communications they create. Students who major in communications learn to plan, organize, and execute projects, programs, and events. They must be attentive to detail but at the same time understand the big picture.

Marketing combines creativity, research, and business skills. Marketers may help launch a new product for a company business or generate awareness of existing services. With a specialty in marketing, you can work in public relations, business development, sales, or more creative fields like advertising.  In the information age when people are now constantly communicating with others all around the world in a variety of mediums, social media has become a major component of marketing and communications. Marketing specialists need to study data about demographics, product's function, cost analysis and return on advertising to do their job.  They also need to have exceptional writing skills. Salaries can range from $50,000 to upwards of $150,000 for marketing directors.

Healthcare & Nursing

More colleges are offering Healthcare Administration degrees online as there is a constant growing demand for people in this field. Healthcare administrators combine business knowledge and medical practice while implementing new medical technology and managing patient data. Nursing though remains the largest force in health care. According to U.S. News & World Report's "Best Jobs" they ranked nursing as one of the top five careers due to its low unemployment rates and strong earning potential. Healthcare management salaries range from $48,000 up to $85.000. For nursing, one can earn a median salary of $65,000 with only an associate degree and upward to $100,000 as a Registered Nurse with a bachelor's degree.

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