Press Release: Coastline College Celebrates More Graduates and More Degrees for the 43rd Annual Commencement

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On Friday, May 31, 2019, Coastline College’s 43rd commencement ceremony, is to be held at 4 pm, in the Robert B. Moore Theater, in Costa Mesa, CA. The 2019 graduating class is earning a total of 3,162 Associate in Arts degrees, Associate in Science degrees, and Certificates of Achievement. This represents a 17.2% increase from last year. The ages of our graduates range from 19 years old to 74 years young, proving that you really are never too young or too old to pursue higher education.

What differentiates Coastline College is its graduating class, representing the diversity of students served, and the breadth of programs offered; from traditional degrees leading to transfer, associate degrees, career education certificates, and non-traditional certificates for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) students and intellectually delayed students. Coastline provides educational and career pathways to the military community (active duty, reserves, national guard, veterans, and family members), corporations, and incarcerated students.

These 2019 Coastline College graduates have pursued site-based programs, online, and hybrid programs. An innovator in distance learning, Coastline’s graduate demographic includes in-state students, out-of-state students, and of all socio-economic status.

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People come to Coastline from all walks of life, and many have had to endure difficulties or hardships in their lives. Some of our graduating students have had to overcome tremendous obstacles in order to reach this day of graduation and we applaud them. Some students were homeless, some were incarcerated, some were in the military and seen combat, and some had a traumatic brain injury. Despite life’s complications, these students are accomplishing, triumphing, and making a success of themselves in the process.

We are proud of our graduates and congratulate the many students reaching this significant milestone in their lives.

Want more information on the 2019 Graduation Commencement? Visit our graduation website.

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