Press Release: Coastline College Foundation Supports its Coast Guard Military Students Impacted by the Government Shutdown

boat during storm in ocean

Coastline College is pleased to announce the immediate availability of scholarship funding to cover the eligible Tuition Assistance (TA) program expenses for their Coast Guard military students being impacted by the government shutdown.

Due to the partial government shutdown, the Coast Guard issued a notice suspending its tuition assistance program until further notice. Coast Guard students currently registered for the spring term were being forced to drop classes or pay their own tuition due to the shutdown.

Of the five branches of the armed services, the Coast Guard is the only branch not paid during this partial government shutdown because it is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The other military branches are funded by the Department of Defense, which is not affected by the shutdown.

Dr. Loretta Adrian, President of Coastline College stated, “Coastline College has a renowned reputation for supporting active-duty Servicemembers and Veterans, and I am appreciative our Foundation has made funding available to students serving in the Coast Guard.”

Coastline College enrolls hundreds of active duty Coast Guard members and is committed to helping each member reach their educational goal without barriers. Coastline’s Military Program has been a top community college choice for students from the Coast Guard for more than three decades.

Coastline was one of the first community colleges to offer distance learning courses and was a visionary in the development of the mobile education – courses delivered on hand-held devices. Coastline’s program, PocketEd, was originally developed for members of the US Coast Guard deployed on cutters.

Coastline College was recently chosen as the Best for Vets College by the Military Times. Coastline’s Military Programs Department has been named a Military Friendly School and a Best for Vets School annually for almost a decade.

About Coastline College

Coastline College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For eight consecutive years, Coastline College has been selected as one of the top 150 colleges by The Aspen Institute for Community College Excellence which is considered the most prestigious prize for community colleges. For a higher rate of success in transitioning from the military to civilian life, Coastline College should be considered as a leading candidate as Coastline truly understands and respects military training, experience, deployment, and transition.

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