Press Release: Coastline College Offers Post-9/11 Veterans Tuition-Free Advanced Apprenticeship-Readiness Training

Coastline College’s Workforce Development Department has teamed with Training Partner, Career Expansion, in securing full funding for forty eligible Post-9/11 Veterans for Multi-Craft Curriculum training (MC3).

This Advanced Training program, with Career Pathways to lucrative Construction Trade Craft positions, Safety Technician positions, Refinery Safety positions, and others, is a 2-month advanced Apprenticeship-Readiness training program in the Construction Utilities, Energy, and Safety (CUES) sector. This is an excellent opportunity to become skilled and apprenticeship-ready in a field where there are more jobs than there are skilled workers!

The program also includes support services that complement the training and help ensure success through:

  • Career preparation
  • Job placement services
  • Networking opportunities
  • Services that give training participants an advantage over other job candidates seeking jobs in the construction industry.

If you are a Post-9/11 Veteran and would like to jump-start your career, the Advanced MC3 training program may be your pathway to a better and more secure future. 

The value of this training is $7,500 per student. Post-9/11 Veterans are eligible for 100% funding for this training.  

Program funding is coming from the South Bay Workforce Investment Board. The South Bay Workforce Investment Board is committed to assisting transitioning active duty, Veterans, dislocated, and incumbent workers with access to industry-driven training programs leading to career employment.

Many of the classes are taught by the employers who have job openings in the construction fields in Los Angeles so the students are exposed to potential employers immediately.  Program completion rates average 97% and job placement rates average 77% or higher. Since February 2016, over 800 students have completed the CUES training program.

Want to learn about CUES? Read more on a past blog entry: Coastline CUES Programs Providing Hands-On Job Training

There are over $30 billion of construction projects planned in Los Angeles and Orange Counties over the next 15 years, including such projects as the LAX Airport Automated People Mover, Jordan Downs; the largest redevelopment housing complex in the nation located in Watts, the Los Angeles Rams’ Stadium, the proposed Clippers’ Arena in Inglewood, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is formulating a large-scale innovative transportation infrastructure initiative in preparation for the 2028 Olympics.  

Training begins Wednesday, May 29, 2019, in Los Angeles, CA at Career Expansion, 5021 Lennox Blvd., Inglewood, CA.  

For more information, please contact, Julio Cesar Ybarra, (323) 604-4401, email: or Judy Garvey, Coastline College,  (714) 241-6230, email:  

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