Blog: Coastline’s TEACh3 Program Preparing the Teachers of Tomorrow Today!


Have you considered a career in teaching?  Now is the time to act! California is in the midst of a teacher shortage, as K-12 districts are looking to replace baby-boomers who are retiring in great numbers.

Coastline College offers an online teacher preparation pathway called TEACh3. Coursework is completed online, combined with fieldwork at a local school near you. TEACh3 offers various pathways that are designed to help students regardless of their specific goals or circumstances.  The pathway you choose can expedite your progress toward a credential or a paraprofessional position as an aide.


What is TEACH3?

“It’s not a traditional program where our students start and end at the same place,” says TEACh3 department chair, Dr. Sharon Chard-Yaron.  “TEACH3 is  more of a learning community or collective, where we work with students interested in a teaching or related career taking many different pathways.”


Coastline’s student profiles are split into various categories, including the following:

  • Coastline students seeking a K-12 teaching credential
  • Students who already have a credential and are working on an additional authorization
  • Students working towards fulfilling ECE [early childhood education] units for an initial child development permit.
  • California State University or Private university students who are completing just a few missing courses necessary at Coastline for advancement with their cohort
  • Other students at partner community colleges
  • Paraprofessionals already in a classroom and looking for a career ladder.
  • Students taking courses to begin working as a classroom aide
  • Home-schooling parents looking to pick up some skills in teaching
  • Behavior specialists working with autistic children AND MORE!

Whatever the student needs are, Coastline supports them all.


Have you thought of how you can help children reach their potential?  Don’t wait for a second longer.  Apply to Coastline now! For more information on TEACh3 pathways, contact Dr. Chard-Yaron at  Send her your name, email address, student number, and share what you’d like to do in the field of teaching.

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