News: Former Coastline Student turns a chance career move into a life of public service

A group of local motorcycle police officers in the Sheriff's Department ride through town in unison.

Coastline College prides themselves on being leaders in innovativeness and their alumnus is no different. Discover how this one phenomenal alumni is dedicating his life to leading and protecting his community.

Coastline College alumnus, Sheriff David Greenwood, was recently featured in the news for his dedication to protecting and serving the Western Illinois community.

Sheriff Greenwood is an Illinois native and moved to California after high school. During his time in California, he attended Coastline College and California School of Contractors to pursue a career in the industrial electrical. Moreover, he states his path to law enforcement happened upon answering an job ad at the Pike County Sheriff’s Department.

“At that time, I never thought that I may be elected sheriff one day,” Greenwood said to Western Central Reporters. “I was just making my way in a career that I came to love.”

According to the Western Central Reporter, Greenwood served as Pike County Emergency Management Agency Director from 2010 to 2015. He also was a criminal sexual assault and child abuse investigator before that.

flashing and siren of the police car at the checkpoint in order to give the fine with vintage effect

Following his grandfather’s footsteps

“I have always admired law enforcement as a child and as I grew into an adult,” Greenwood said to Western Central Reporter. “My grandfather was a Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy when he was a young man.”

“My goal is to lead the Pike County Sheriff’s Department in providing outstanding law enforcement and services that are expected by the citizens of Pike County,” Greenwood told West Central Reporter. “As with anything that is given to someone for their care, it should be returned better than when it was originally entrusted to you. This is what I aspire to do in my leadership of the Pike County Sheriff’s Department.”

Greenwood shared with the Western Central Reporter what was the favorite part of his job: helping people in unfamiliar situations.

“When you are elected sheriff in Pike County, you are also elected coroner,” he tells Western Central Reporter. “Obviously, this is a position that takes serious compassion in dealing with people in their most vulnerable times. There is a satisfaction in knowing one has helped another through a horrible or tragic time in their life.”

Coastline Alumni Go Far

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