Blog: Top 10 Skills for the Modern Workplace

This is a guest post by Paolo Varquez, M.S., Ph.D candidate, Coastline College’s Career Service Specialist

birds eye view of three working professionals at meeting, on computer, texting and pointing at agenda. only hands being shown. text caption states improve your skills.

Many students are often taught by society that getting a degree, certificate, credential, or license alone means that they will acquire a great job immediately after their schooling. Unfortunately, which makes landing a dream job much more competitive.

Technology is driving the world to change at higher rate than before. You’re starting to see robots automating manual jobs, computer processors becoming more powerful, and information being shared instantly. Alike, traditional jobs requirements are changing; new positions, which require advanced training and soft skills, are emerging. An investment in professional development is a key role in staying competitive. If you learn how to self-market your skills, you set yourself apart in this new 21st century labor market.

In some cases, students graduate not knowing how to effectively market themselves on their resume, cover letter, or during interviews, which lowers their probability of employment. To add, recent graduates often lack the soft skills that employers are looking for (Foundation of California Community Colleges, 2018). If a student wants to increase their employment chances, it is important to highlight, include, and demonstrate the following skills.

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Top Ten 21st Century Skills Employers are Looking For

  1. Adaptability
  2. Analysis / Solution mindset
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication
  5. Digital knowledge
  6. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  7. Empathy
  8. Resilience
  9. Self-awareness
  10. Social / Diversity Awareness

Check out this video below for great demonstrations of these skills:

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