More Than Just Esports: Coastline College’s Esports Club

Coastline’s Esports Club offers a lot more than just esports.

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Strategic team cooperation, play-by-play adaptable combat, and no holds barred battle royals— esports brings a lot to the table. But, at Coastline College’s Esports Club, high octane esports fun isn’t the only thing on the menu. As a member of the club myself, I can confirm that a solid friend group, study hall, and casual gaming are all beneficial perks of being a member of the Esports Club.


Esports Tournaments

For starters, let’s talk esports tournaments. After all, the point of an esports club is to compete in esports games. Just last month, Coastline College’s VALORANT and Rocket League teams competed in the OC County Fair Imaginology Esports Events. Though both teams lost, the experience they gained from their defeats was invaluable, and they had a blast competing. Coastline’s Esports Club, although still a club and not an official team, is always looking for their proving grounds. If you enjoy VALORANT, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Smash Bros., and League of Legends, among other esports games, join the Coastline College Esports Club.


Casual Gaming

Before Coastline College’s Esports Club one day inevitably transforms into a full esports team, one of the calculable benefits is casual gaming. Esports is all about competition. Casual gaming, while it can still take place in esports games like League of Legends or Rainbow Six Siege for example, can also happen outside of competitive games. Games like Minecraft, Final Fantasy, and Valheim are all games that aren’t competitive, they’re just fun, casual multiplayer games.

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On top of that, the Esports Club is full of gamers who love all kinds of video games, so if there is a game that you like that you’re looking for friends to play with, you’re in the right place. Just recently, in the “looking for game” section of the Esports Club Discord, I reached out to see if anybody likes to play APEX Legends, a game that I have been having a lot of casual fun with lately. Immediately, 3Gee and Quokkasian responded to me saying that they would be interested in playing with me. Whatever game you’re interested in, you can find an encouraging friend group in Coastline’s Esports Club.


Friend Group

Speaking of friend groups, the Esports Club is a fantastic place to make long lasting friendships. The Esports Club meets monthly, usually on the second Friday at 3:00pm, which is a great place to meet your gaming group. Beyond that, the Esports Club is constantly hosting engaging activities for club members to meet one another and play together. This week, there are esports team tryouts for VALORANT, Rocket League, Smash Bros., and League of Legends, so be sure to gear up for that. Also, on May 21st there is a mental health and habits meeting collaborated with the REST club, a perfectly safe space for new friendships to be born.


Sheila Do, the Esports Club President, (also known as Quokkasian) praises the friendship found in the Esports Club: "I really enjoy the connections I've made. I've gotten to meet some new friends, and other students at Coastline. Though we may not have similar games in mind or play the same ones, we have created a community that can grow and share upon the topic of gaming".

There’s plenty of other interested that can be shared within the Esports Club as well. In the gaming realm, personal livestreaming events can be announced, new game updates can be discussed, and community giveaways are publicized. Aside from video games, club members can bond over so many other interests with designated pages in the Esports Club Discord:

Whatever your interest, the Esports Club has something for everyone.

Coastline's Esports Club is  always looking for new players. Join the team today!

Although we still are living in a socially distant world, the Esports Club offers ample opportunities for gamers to find their squad. And, with the current COVID-19 trend falling back to normal and the vaccine presently available for everyone ages twelve and up, the Esports Club could be meeting in person in the Fall Semester. There couldn’t be a better time to join the Esports Club to find new, like-minded friends.


Study Hall

One of the main rules in the Esports Club is that school comes first. Just as our parents would advise, students keep each other accountable before they start their games by completing their homework first and getting help in the study hall. The study hall is a unique place where students can get help from other students, or from our Esports Professional Experts Stephanie Bridges (who doubles as a Coastline English Professor) and Katherine Amoukhteh (who started her career as an Engineering Major). Everybody in the Esports Club is a student aiming for their dream career with the help of Coastline College, so whatever help you need, you can find it in the Esports Club’s study hall.

CoastlineCollegeEsportsDolphin-1As I’ve mentioned before and I’ll say again, the Esports Club has something for every gamer. Are you looking for a friend group to start a new game with? Find them at Coastline’s Esports Club. Love Minecraft and need peers to help you through that math class? The answers lie within the Esports Club. No matter the game, no matter the reason, if one of your hobbies is video games and you’re a student looking to better yourself, then Coastline College’s Esports Club is the place for you.

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