Blog: Community College Completion Grant: The Breakdown

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Incentives of a Full-Time Student: Cal Grant

The fall semester is almost upon us and students are beginning to plan their schedule for the upcoming academic year.  For those students who may be considering taking on a fuller load of classes, the state of California is giving students more incentives to do so.  As an effort to get students to earn degrees in two or four years, California (Cal Grant) will offer up to $4,000 in grants to community college students who take a complete 15-hour course load beginning this fall.

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Blog: Fundamentals of Workforce Development Programs

The American Dream is a national belief of the United States that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve prosperity and success through determination, persistence, and hard work. Partnerships between government, public corporations and organizations, along with private enterprise, have been an embodiment in the creation of this American Dream, and an essential aspect of Workforce Development.

Policymakers, corporations, and the public, have regarded workforce development as a fundamental objective of community colleges (CC), training for future employment, and providing the labor market with skilled workers.  Community colleges are essential engines of local and regional workforce and economic development providing technical and vocational learning, making education more viable and affordable to students from all backgrounds.

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Blog: How I used my work-study opportunity to acquire skills for the future

This is a guest post by Phung Tran, Coastline Student and Marketing Intern.

Many students are unaware of the variety of work-study opportunities that are available at Coastline. My first internship at Coastline began with the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC). I was first introduced to the IRC through a mentor assigned to me. They contacted and personally invited me to join the program. I loved the program so much that I continued for the second semester.

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Blog: Coastline’s TEACh3 Program Preparing the Teachers of Tomorrow Today!


Have you considered a career in teaching?  Now is the time to act! California is in the midst of a teacher shortage, as K-12 districts are looking to replace baby-boomers who are retiring in great numbers.

Coastline College offers an online teacher preparation pathway called TEACh3. Coursework is completed online, combined with fieldwork at a local school near you. TEACh3 offers various pathways that are designed to help students regardless of their specific goals or circumstances.  The pathway you choose can expedite your progress toward a credential or a paraprofessional position as an aide.

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Blog: 5 Tips for Professionals to Master Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has become the newest and most efficient way for people to connect, stay current, and have a voice; and for good reason! There is truly no place like the world wide web to be able to surround yourself with the people, places, and things you are most passionate about! Check out these five insightful tips to ensure that you are ALWAYS on top of your social media game! You’ll have friends and followers alike wondering what your secret is to your creative, original, personal branding goodness!

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