Why College Grads Earn A Million More Than Those Who Don’t Go

To be, or not to be,” that is the question asked by William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet.  The proverbial question one asks oneself when growing up is;  what do I want to be, who do I want to become, or what career do I want, to have a nice life and make a good living?  With all these questions, comes the next step, do I need to go to college to achieve my chosen goal? 

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Blog: Coastline Online Programs Commitment to Flexible Learning

Business woman working on a laptop in an inflatable ring in the water.

As you know, online and distance learning has developed over the years and become a growing percentage of college education courses offered by educational institutions nationwide. An increasing number of traditional and post-traditional students are taking online courses or programs for greater flexibility in balancing their work, family, and life situations. Since the majority of students attending community colleges need to work while pursuing their studies, community colleges that offer more flexible course schedules in hybrid, and site-based formats are better able to accommodate these students’ needs. Coastline is proud to be an example of such an institution offering about 83% of our programs through various distance learning modalities as well as offering site-based programs. Continue reading “Blog: Coastline Online Programs Commitment to Flexible Learning”