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Exploring the World of STEM and What You Need to Know to Join It

May 3, 2022

STEM careers and the demand for them seem to grow exponentially with every day that passes. But what is STEM? Why is it important? What do I need to..

5 Free Apps Every College Student Needs in 2022

January 13, 2022

 Check out these great apps that are free to use!   In the past, students had to get through school with old school methods. What comes to mind..

Guide to Screen Addictions and Responsible Digital Use

April 20, 2021

Shutterstock Have you been spending more time on your phone or laptop? The way we spend our time has been changing as a result of COVID-19. Whether..

Defending Our Digital Borders: A Career in Cybersecurity

October 23, 2020

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s time to learn about a career that can defend our data and is worth every digital penny. ..

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