Blog: Teacher Feature: Natasha Shoro, Adjunct Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department

Express yourself! Meet this week’s Teacher Feature: Natasha Shoro. She shares with Coastline the essence behind her teachings and dedication to her art.

Tell us about yourself.

I have been teaching as an Adjunct Professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Coastline College since 2013. Although I have been with Coastline for 6 years, I have been with Coast Community College District since 2008. Currently, I teach at both sister schools: Coastline College and Orange Coast College (OCC). Previously, I taught 2D Color and Design and other art history courses. Now, I currently teach Introduction to Art, an online art appreciation course.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Fine Art from Iowa State University and a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art, with an emphasis on Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF).

In 2018, I won “Best in Show” for a mixed media collage painting “After the Storm” by the American Institute of Architects of Orange County.

In 2018, I won “Best in Show” for a mixed media collage painting “After the Storm” by the American Institute of Architects of Orange County.

Most recently, I published a 250-page book Natasha Shoro, The Essence of Being written by my daughter Anushe Shoro and I. The Essence of Being is a mother-daughter shared worldview that harmonizes creative expression through abstract painting, photography, and poetry. Contributors to the book are Dr. Roberta Carasso, Meher McArthur, Marjorie Husain, and Dr. Joanna Roche.

What do you love about teaching at Coastline?

I love teaching at Coastline due to my strong desire to further immerse myself into a student-teacher dialogue. I am dedicated to foster a creative process with my students and encourage students to express their deepest potential as creators. My passion for this interaction creates an inspirational and motivational journey for my students in developing a personal appreciation of all areas of art and art history. Lastly, I love teaching in general because I enjoy learning about the curiosity of my students and I am motivated to inspire them to create without boundaries.

I am dedicated to foster a creative process with my students and encourage students to express their deepest potential as creators.

Natasha Shoro, Coastline College

How is teaching at Coastline different from any other places you’ve taught?

Teaching online at Coastline has given me a broader exposure to students of all ages, including those who are completing their general education requirements and may not have much interest in art at all. I enjoy engaging my students to learn the various art processes and techniques and to appreciate and analyze art as a viewer as well as a creator.

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Coastline has a diverse population of students compared to some of the other campuses I have taught at. Moreover, I teach face-to-face classes at Orange Coast College for which I teach the traditional techniques in art making. It is wonderful to coincide teaching both online classes with face-to-face classes, while also practicing as an exhibiting artist. I can continually evolve and share my work and growth with the Coastline students.

In addition, I encourage students to visit the highly accomplished Coastline Art Gallery. The Coastline Art Gallery is where students can engage in gallery exhibits, submit student artworks, learn to see the various styles of art that are exhibited throughout the year, as well as appreciate all of the works of our Coastline and District faculty.

Coastline Art Gallery book launch. October 12, 2018. Photo courtesy of Bennett Stoops

What is unique about your class and teaching style?

I enjoy bridging methods from my studio art classes and own professional art practice into the online classroom. Teaching online can be challenging when it comes to engaging students, but I take this as an opportunity to be innovative and invite students to create, upload, and share their art on a discussion board. Usually, this is the first art class for many of my students and they are inspired to use their imagination and creativity and through this process learned art appreciation.

My ability to engage with students in a process of exploration and personal growth allows them to establish goals while encouraging suitable career paths aligned with their individual needs.

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Interesting and unknown facts students may not know about you.

Born in Ithaca, New York to Pakistani parents, I spent the first twelve years of my life traveling extensively as my father worked in the hotel management business and my mother was a fashion and fabric designer. Living in the United States, Africa, Europe and Pakistan exposed me to a wide range of languages and culture. This rich overlap of experience has had a profound influence on my understanding of world art history and art-making.

Three tips for aspiring Art students

  1. Discover your path to dream big when creating art
  2. Believe in yourself to make your mark!
  3. Focus and develop new concepts to achieve your goals

About the Teacher Feature series.

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