Top 10 Acts of Kindness Beneficial for Mental Well-Being

With Daylight Savings taking over, it’s time to start upping our Serotonin levels Dolphins!


With November taking over and Midterms coming to a close it’s important to take a moment and perform a ~mental health check~ on ourselves. If you didn’t know, November is not only the season of thankfulness and pumpkin pie, but also the time of performing random acts of kindness.

When and What is World Kindness Day:

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that was formed in 1998, to promote kindness throughout the world and is observed annually on November 13 as part of the World Kindness Movement. The objective of World Kindness Day is to spread kindness with small gestures. The concept is to be kind and to try and encourage kindness. Whether it’s helping out a fellow classmate, taking the time  to ask how someone is doing, or complimenting someone, the name of the game is kindness, and we all have it in us.

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Did You Know? 

Hey there Coastline Students! Did you know that witnessing acts of kindness aids in the production of oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’ which  lowers blood pressure and improves our overall heart-health. Oxytocin also increases our self-esteem and optimism! Maybe Spongebob was onto something after all?

Being kind is good for your health: How to practice kindness everyday day


Here are the Top 10 Random Acts of Kindness that can improve your mental well-being:

1. Little acts of kindness can make a big difference

“Each of us in our day-to-day lives has hundreds, if not thousands of moments to be able to practice kindness,” Harding said.

Remember you can start small. When you’re getting a cup of coffee, look the barista in the eye and ask her how her day is going. During your commute, let another car go in front of you. If your professor provides you some interesting insight on a topic, reach out and let them know and/or thank them. Reach out to your school counselor and thank them for the help they have provided you thus far. 

“It can actually boost your mood and it also has positive ripple effects on your biology,” Harding said.

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“Part of depression and anxiety are feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Practicing random acts of kindness makes people feel helpful, optimistic, efficacious, and boosts self-esteem.”



  1. Giving Back During the Pandemic

Opportunities to perform random acts of kindness  during the pandemic due to financial challenges and health precautions call for creativity and to be of genuine service to someone else.

Here are a few free or low-cost ways to perform random acts of kindness during the pandemic:

  • Reach out to a loved one. Check in with friends and family, just to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  • Praise a local business. Leave a positive Google or Yelp review after a good experience at a local restaurant or store. This is especially helpful to them during the challenges of the pandemic.
  • Donate your gently used clothing. Towels and blankets can be especially welcome at animal shelters. Check out Coastline’s new Food Pantry Service!
  • Send a thank-you email to a colleague or professor to thank them if they have helped you out, most likely they don’t realize how they have impacted you. 
  • Set aside time to volunteer. Food drives need helpers to arrange meal boxes and hand out at drive-up locations. Keep an eye out on our Student Services page to see the upcoming events.

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  1. Be kind to yourself

Take care of your body and mind and spend some you time. Follow your interests and sign up for a class. Education is a form of kindness to ourselves — it's great for our brains and our health.

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  1. Reach out to others

Think about somebody who is lonely or seems like he or she is having a hard time, and offer your companionship.

“Kindness is about reaching out. Not everybody is going to accept the invitation. But repeatedly doing it, you’ll be surprised and delighted — magic happens when you reach out to others,” Harding.  


5. Get to know your classmates

Try to connect one-on-one with different colleagues and learn something about them as human beings, not just what they do at work. Resist the urge to spread negative gossip, but sing a co-worker's praise when she does well.

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6. Be generous about hugs with friends and loved ones

Of course, make sure to always be cautious of the current COVID guidelines. 

7. Think about someone who has shown you kindness

As an exercise in gratitude, consider a kind person in your life, then send them a note or meet them for coffee. Do something to acknowledge their kindness to you, because it will be incredible for them to hear from someone who says, “You made a difference in my life.”


8. Get Involved on Campus

Are you a Transfer Student? Learn more about services and events going on for Transfer students as well as what events are coming up on our student events page!

  1. Learn More about Student Equity

Through Student Equity, Coastline aims to support students through programs and resources that help each student achieve their educational goals. Learn more to spread awareness!

  1. Be Nice!

Overall, the main thing is to remember to be kind and patient towards others. You never truly know what others are going through so make sure to be kind to your fellow dolphins, family, and friends.



“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

 ― Aesop

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