Top 8 Esports Jobs Besides Gaming

Esports is known for being a place for professional gamers to win big. While that is true, there are many job opportunities in the esports world besides gaming.

Welcome to the wonderful world of esports! The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “esports careers” is probably something along the lines of being a professional gamer. While that is definitely true, and 2019 has the numbers to prove it, there are many more job opportunities in the esports world other than being a professional gamer. Here, in no particular order, are the top eight jobs besides gaming in esports.

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Event Manager

Like football and soccer have sports arenas, there is a need to set global stages for esports. Event managers look for the best place to host an esports tournament. After a destination is decided for the esports tournament, the event must be planned, prepared, and set. This can involve setting up a camera crew, working with network engineers, and facilitating ticket vendors (which are all other potential esports jobs).  Without an event manager, esports tournaments – and therefore esports as a whole – would not be successful.

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Software & Network Engineer

Software and network engineers are vital for esports. Since esports is naturally an online environment, software and network engineers are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly in tournaments and in every day esports gaming. As mentioned before, network engineers are needed to broadcast esports events. Software engineers can be used by gaming companies to help create the hottest new esports game that dominates the ever-changing esports landscape (like Fortnite, the number one esports game in the world did in 2017). Software and network engineers are some of the most needed and coveted jobs in 2020.

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Graphic Designer

Every team, no matter the sport, wants to have a good logo. With the rapid growth of esports teams, graphic designers are needed to make good logos happen. Besides creating a cool esports logo, graphic designers are needed to produce web content, social media content, and content for tournaments all in the name of growing an esports team or furthering esports at large. The more publicity an esports team gets, the more chance they have of attaining a loyal fanbase and getting sponsored.

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Much like a graphic designer, an esports journalist lives to promote esports at large. In my circumstance, I write to educate and excite people who don’t know much about esports while creating awareness about the Coastline Esports Club. Every high school, college, and independent esports team needs a journalist to publicize their events and progress. You can be the best esports team in the world, but if there is nobody there to write about your success in the world, then nobody will know about the game successes.

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Video Content Creator

Whether you are independent or working with a team, video content creators are a necessary position in esports. Sites like YouTube and Twitch are excellent platforms to create “how-to” videos, break down professional tournament strategies, and showcase your own esports skills. Compiling your esports team’s latest tournament win into an explosive montage will boost their following and catch a sponsor’s eye. The best way to explain esports is to show it; therefore, video content creators have a future in esports.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

With all of the various positions mentioned above that work to market an esports team, you can safely bet that a digital marketing specialist is needed in order to guide content. Creating an online presence and expanding marketability is essential to an esports team’s longevity. In today’s online world, esports teams that have a marketing specialist to organize and strategize content are miles ahead of the competition. Working with journalists, video content creators, and graphic designers, digital marketing specialists build a marketable brand around an esports team or organization.

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If you love video games but didn’t quite reach the professional status you wanted, no worries! Being an esports coach is an indispensable job. As more and more high schools and colleges build thriving esports clubs and teams, coaches are being asked to teach, train, and organize full esports institutions. Especially if you have hands-on esports experience and want to share your love for the game with others, coaching is a viable job for you.

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Other Careers

There is a plethora of jobs in the esports world. Here are just a few of the other esports-related careers:

And there are many more! As esports grows on a global scale, so will the need for people to fill the required jobs. Whatever you set your sights on, esports careers are available to help you do what you love.

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If you love esports, look for a career surrounding that business. Don’t let fear or a lack of ambition hold you back. Now you know there are plenty of worthwhile career paths surrounding esports besides becoming a professional gamer. Make your passion your profession; start your esports career path today.

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