Top Ten Reasons to Attend College in 2021/22 School Year

These top ten reasons for going to college will motivate you to enroll today!


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Have you ever thought about enrolling in college? I know I felt nervous about the decision, but quickly loved the process! Many students have found success by enrolling in college to enhance their education and career. This list will make you squash your doubts about pursuing a path in higher education. Without further ado, here are the top ten reasons: 

       1. Getting an Education

Getting an education is one of the most important things an individual can do for themselves. Being an educated person makes you well-rounded and better able to have critical thinking skills. By attending college, you will learn about new subjects that you may not have been exposed to before. For example, some students may not have considered learning about Cybersecurity, but it's a booming industry that caters to highly educated individuals. Overall, getting an education will help you get ahead in your life, and it can start by attending Coastline College. 


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      2. Higher Earnings Potential 

Did you know that by enrolling in college you could potentially earn over a million dollars in your lifetime? Numerous studies have shown that college graduates will earn more money than those who don’t attend. By achieving a higher level of education, individuals could potentially get themselves a higher-paying career.  I would suggest looking into an academic program that will help you achieve your financial goals! 

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           3. Sense of Accomplishment

It doesn't matter what stage you’re at in your life, attending college will give you a sense of accomplishment. Individuals and students who start going to college will feel good about themselves. Enrolling in a degree program will start giving students the confidence to further themselves. By furthering one's education they will start to feel a sense of achievement as they learn new subject material. The feelings of accomplishment start forming as soon as a student starts doing well in their classes. The amount of coursework and exams that are required in any given course will make individuals feel like academic champions. The road to getting educated will give all students the feeling that they have accomplished something great and meaningful. 


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       4. Making New Friends 

Attending college can be an exciting time and experience for making new friends. Classes are a perfect chance to interact with other students from all backgrounds - you could even have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with students from another country! On a local level, campus activities ensure a multitude of chances for forming new friendships. College is a great place to make new friends and create many long-lasting happy memories. 

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          5. Career Opportunities

Just by attending college, you will automatically have access to better career opportunities. Many students are able to get paid internships that further their career skills. Some employers have internship programs that help transition students into full-time employees once they graduate. Students are even able to get internships at the school that they are attending, often paid if you’re eligible for Federal Work Study. The career that you have always dreamed of having is now within reach! 


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          6. Learn New Subjects and Skills

Higher-Ed courses are designed to get you thinking critically and exercising your skills. Throughout your college experience, you will be exposed to a variety of course subjects aimed specifically at developing skills that will help you in the working world. For example, many accounting projects require the use of programs like Microsoft Excel or other accounting software programs.  The acquired skills from course projects and assignments will undoubtedly help prepare students for entering the workforce. Learning new subjects and skills can be daunting at first, but with enough practice and perseverance, they can pay off in the long run. 

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          7. Collaboration Skills 

College students often have to work in groups where they in turn gain collaboration skills that are sought after by many employers. Group projects and group presentations are a part of many college course curriculums. You should know that group projects are always very fun and exciting! You can also join a club on campus where you’ll have the opportunity to work with fellow students to improve the club's activities. Working together with other students and colleagues can be a good way to improve and build relationships. Confidence, teamwork, and collaborative skills are all valuable assets that can be gained through many different avenues at school. 


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          8. Time Management Skills 

Students who enroll in college will gain time management skills that are necessary for all aspects of life. By becoming a student, you’ll be accepting more responsibility into your life, but it will serve you well! Students' weekly calendars are filled with all kinds of activities that are both academic and extra-curricular. A tip from me to you - please, run out to your nearest office supply store and get yourself a calendar or download a great calendar app – I promise you’ll thank me later! School is a big-time commitment, but it's a great way to further one's time management skills. 

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          9. Opportunities To Get Involved 

All colleges and universities have student activities that are open to all their students. Most schools have clubs and extracurricular activities that students get involved with. These clubs serve as great ways to get involved with other students and to learn more about personal interests. You should check out the clubs that Coastline has available! 


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          10. Esports 

Have you heard about the ever-expanding esports industry? It’s hit the collegiate scene with full force and has no plans of leaving. Esports is all about gamers coming together to play and compete in their favorite games. At Coastline, the esports program is open to all students! It doesn't matter what skill level you are; this program is about having fun! Esports events are exhilarating and can bring many students together as they cheer on their collegiate teams. I encourage all students to check out Coastline’s Esports Club!


Overall, these top ten reasons for attending college should make you want to jump up and reach for the stars! School can be a great place to discover, learn, and feel motivated. You might be on the fence about this decision but personally speaking, you won't regret it. Now that you know about the top ten reasons for attending college in 2021, you’re ready to enroll at Coastline and get your education started! 

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