Why Should You Attend Coastline College? The Leader of Innovative Education

If you’re a student you may not care what Coastline College did 43 years ago to change the way higher education was taught for students back then, however, sometimes to move forward one needs to look back to see how and why a college will work for you as a student today and tomorrow. One way is by understanding the innovations that built the strength and standing of the institution you’re are exploring. For tomorrow, when you are applying for that new job, you will want to know the reputation of the college will still hold as you build a resume. In fact, in a job interview, you may be asked, “Why did you choose Coastline?” You will want to be ready with a good answer. And the following are some of those reasons why.


1976 Coastline [Community] College

What makes Coastline the best choice for pursuing your higher education? Since the College opened its doors in 1976, Coastline has distinguished itself as a pioneer and an innovator in distance learning while remaining deeply committed to academic excellence and student success. Coastline’s mission has always and continues to be committed to anytime-anywhere learning and student success through accessible and flexible education within and beyond the traditional classroom. Coastline College was among the first to offer online courses and programs. Coastline’s distance learning enrollment remains the highest in California and offers the most courses and enrollments California of any of the Online Education Initiative (OEI) colleges. Today, Coastline is a recognized leader in the use of innovative technology-based teaching, and online education with over 70 fully online degrees and certificate programs, including Business and Cybersecurity.

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1976 Telecourse Production

When Coastline opened its doors in 1976, the college made headlines as an innovator in distance learning and as the college ‘beyond walls’ hosting the largest opening day in community college history with an estimated opening of 20,000 students. Classes were taught in over 100 locations throughout Orange County at recreational centers, high schools, churches, community centers, and even via broadcast telecourses through KOCE TV (Channel 50) in Orange County. In 1972, Coast Community College District had become one of three community college districts in California that owned and operated a public television station.

Coastline College was established in 1976 to adapt to the diverse transformation of the surrounding population and the shift in the demographic change of older students who were working adults but wanted to continue their academic studies. Coastline was designed as a unique and innovative college to provide education and instruction via alternative modes, utilizing differently delivery methods, that would be accessible to anyone who wanted to get an education.


Coastline College is rich with history that has evolved and adapted with changes in technology over these past 43 years. Academic distant learning courses have been taught in a variety of ways over the years; via television broadcast, cablecast, VHS videos, CD Rom, PDA, web-based internet, YouTube videos, and mobile learning via cell phone.

Production of courses

Coastline was one of the first community colleges to offer virtual courses and has earned the distinction of being the first college to offer a degree program designed specifically for mobile devices, in addition to PocketEd courses for the military. The College offers classes taught by professors in a variety of formats, including classroom, cable TV, hybrid, or online in 4-week, 8-week, 12-week, and 16-week sessions.


(Left to Right) College President, Dr. Loretta Adrian, Yajaira Lechuga, Board President Lorraine Prinsky, PH.D. and Board Trustee, Mary L. Hornbuckle

In 1998, Coastline combined efforts with the Workforce Investment Board to operate the County One-Stop Centers, which offer employment services for individual job seekers and for businesses. Coastline works in partnership with local and global business and industry to design programs to meet today’s demands, while contributing to the social and economic well-being of the communities we serve. Coastline is committed to providing access to higher education and offers a distinctive academic environment to ensure that students are prepared to enter California’s competitive workforce.


The faculty and staff at Coastline care deeply about the quality of the student experience, both academically and with the support services they receive. They are dedicated to student success and providing student-centered services. To learn more about the faculty of Coastline, check out our Teacher Feature series.

Teacher Feature Series

With family and work obligations, Coastline students have options on pursuing courses and programs at various locations, length, and start date to personalize their schedules and goals. Coastline’s online programs give learners the ultimate flexibility to earn a certificate or an associate degree, transfer to a four-year university, upgrade or fast track their career with an occupation focused certificate.


During the academic calendar year of 2018-2019, Coastline received multiple awards and recognitions for our innovation in education and we have been a top front runner not only the 115 community colleges in California, but also of the nearly 1,500 community colleges nationwide.

2005 Emmy Awards for Excellence in Instructional Television

Over the years, Coastline College has earned 20 Los Angeles-area Emmy Awards for Excellence in Instructional Television and more than 80 other national and international awards.
In the past 8 years, Coastline College has been selected as one of the top 150 colleges by The Aspen Institute for Community College Excellence which is considered the most nationally prestigious prize for community colleges.

Why Coastline College? With our history of innovation, diversity of flexible course offerings, and the outstanding dedicated staff and faculty who are student success focused, Coastline should be your Number One choice for higher education.

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