Why Take Summer College Courses

There are so many good reasons why to take summer college courses.

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Summer college classes seem like the hidden cheat code not many people know about. Take it from me, a college student who, after avoiding college for two years, is trying to rush through it to start my dream career, summer college classes are a must. While it is understandable that some students may need to take the summer off to recuperate mentally, financially, physically, or for any other reason, there’s so many perks to taking summer classes.

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Shorter Classes

One huge positive is that summer classes are shorter. I’m an English major and want to go into the entertainment journalism industry. For people like me, math was designed to make our brains hurt. Because of this, I specifically chose to take my one required math course during the summer. I wanted to minimize the amount of time that I would be putting into doing math, and therefore minimizing the damage done to my brain. While, yes, the workload is more demanding because the course is truncated, it’s worth it to get your dreaded required classes out of the way. Trust me.

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Less Classes

Hand in hand with shorter classes is less classes. During the fall and spring semesters, most colleges let you take a max of six or seven classes. In the summer, the max classes most colleges let you take is three or four. Like I said earlier, classes can be tougher because the same course material is shrunk to a shorter time period, but, if you stay on top of your work, you can still enjoy your summer adventures while knocking out some roadblock classes standing in the way of your sunny future.


Get Courses Out of the Way

This is a major one. Spring 2021 is the last semester I needed for my Associates for Transfer to go to CSULB for my Bachelor’s Degree. I started college in Spring 2020. An average student takes two years to complete their Associates Degree, but I was able to get it within one year because I took summer and winter classes. I’m telling you— get your extra courses out of the way during summer (and winter)!


Graduate Faster

College can be boiled down to simple numbers: how many credits do I need to graduate. Students need one hundred and twenty credits, about forty courses, to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. When students take time to complete two or three college courses through the summer, they get that much closer to graduating with the golden ticket (a diploma) that grants access to their dream career.

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Catch the Classes You Missed

After mapping out your academic roadmap with the help of a counselor, summers can be a great time to check off some of the classes you missed. I’ve heard way too many horror stories both from my friends and in discussions in my classes of people getting all of their classes done for their Bachelor’s Degree, and they go to apply to graduate only to be told that they are missing a few credits or a required general course. First lesson: check in with your counselor often. Make sure you’re on the right track and not missing anything. Second: if you need to, take the summer to nail those pesky extra classes down.


Skills from Online Learning

One of the few blessings of COVID was that students just starting college got to experience the “work at your own pace” flow of online college. Though there are many mixed reviews of online college for some it’s too hard and for others it’s quite easy, everybody can agree that time management, personal responsibility, and adaptable learning are all skills important to real world jobs. These exact same skills are the skills developed by every student through online learning. Coastline College has been an online college way before the pandemic, so they are professionals when it comes to online learning. Don’t let summer’s salty air and cloudless blue skies melt your skills away; take the time to continue honing your skills through summer courses.


Save Money

California community colleges already save students so much money through FASFA, Pell Grants, food aids, and more. By taking classes in the summer at a community college like Coastline, you are saving yourself money by getting your general ed classes out of the way instead of wasting a lot more money on the same exact classes at a four-year university.

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Try Something New

Still unsure what you want to major in? Summer classes are the perfect time to try out a few classes that you think you might be interested in. Looking for a new hobby? In the summer, you can try out something new, like a painting class, a photography class, or a music class. The summer is a perfect time to experiment with different, low-stress classes that you’ve always wanted to try while scoring some more credits for your degree.


Go to the beach, safely hang out with friends, see a movie in a movie theater; enjoy your summer! With COVID restrictions finally starting to come down, there is light and life at the end of the tunnel, so sprint towards it and soak in every present moment. And while you’re at it, do what’s best for you and take a few summer classes.

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