Friday Feature: Style & Substance with Heather Wrixon

A former Coastline student shares her passion for fashion with a drive to aid brain cancer research.

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There are few things more heart-breaking than losing a parent. Even more so, to lose that parent in the prime of their life and in the prime of their life with you, to a terminal illness. Heather Wrixon, a Coastline student now pursuing her Bachelors in Business Marketing, knows this all too well. When her mom, Aymee, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer, Heather took time off from school in order to be with her and care for her.

After her mom passed in 2019, Heather decided to pursue her passions for marketing, clothing, and entrepreneurship; at the same time, she had seen what glioblastoma had done to her mom’s quality of life and she knew she wanted to aid research in finding a cure.

This April, Heather realized that goal, starting her brand Effervescent Collective with the intention of providing uplifting, confidence-boosting clothes for women as well as to donate a portion of every purchase to brain cancer research, to help find a cure for the very ailment that took her mom too soon.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to dress women and have them feel really confident in what they’re wearing,” Heather says, adding: “And also for them to know that they’re not just buying a piece of clothing. They’re also buying into something to help make a difference in other people’s lives as well.”

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Growing up, Heather demonstrated an interest in style early on. “When I was a little girl, I would play dress up a lot. I cut clothes for my dolls,” she tells me in a nostalgia-laced voice. “I did little fashion shows for my parents.” She began modeling professionally, working with brands, and seeing how collections came together and the business side of clothing. The debut collection from Effervescent features spring and summertime fashions and Heather plans on releasing a swimwear line soon.

Heather Wrixon, a beautiful young woman with long brown hair, poses in chair wearing a dark dress
Effervescent Collective founder Heather Wrixon; courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Heather built Effervescent Collective to help keep her mom’s memory alive. She offers a “sweet pea” dress, spotlighted below, after her mom’s favorite color, flower, and scent. “People are carrying or wearing a part of her when they walk around,” Heather says of her mom and the clothes at Effervescent. Heather’s mom was also a photographer. When Heather shoots all the photos and content for the brand she is engaged in the activity that brought her mother joy.

But Effervescent also offers its own reward for Heather. One of her favorite ways to express creativity is through styling clothes, doing photoshoots, and marketing the product. To be able to roll those passions into one outlet is remarkable. In particular, what Heather likes in style is a thicker fabric, being able to tell on the first touch that the quality is there. Colors are important too, as you can probably guess since one of the styles is named and colored after Heather’s mom’s favorite flower. As well, Heather likes an outfit that’s eye-catching, that makes you look twice in order to get the full opinion of it.

There is also the confidence component. “Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself really gives you that glow.” Today and always women dress for the everyday special occasions, if that makes sense, that they constantly must navigate: job interviews, dates, meetings with potential business partners, etc. These are the kinds of special occasions that actually happen on a daily basis and Heather wants Effervescent Collective’s clothes to fill that need. It’s a kind of everyday confidence for the round-the-clock special moments that necessitate feeling good about oneself, about one’s goals, about one’s style.

Part of that also comes from knowing a brand’s principles, how that brand conducts itself and the kinds of causes they support. “When women buy clothing, it gives them confidence when they know the brand’s core values,” Heather says. Then, they can know each purchase is “making a difference or helping.”

For the future, Heather plans on opening a showroom where you can get personally styled for special occasions or for celebrity styling and special events. She also hopes to open retail space, someplace special, fun, with an atmosphere all its own, where folks can travel to get exclusives offered only there. In an exciting special feature of today’s blog, I’m happy to offer an exclusive window to showcase some of the lovely clothes put out by Heather and Effervescent Collective in a section we’ve dubbed “Style Notes.” Enjoy!

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young blond woman modeling a pastel, lilac color dress
Courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Sweet Pea Baby Doll Dress: (Comes in Small, Medium & Large)

"The Sweet Pea Baby Doll dress was inspired and named after our founder's Mother's favorite scent and color. The dress is a beautiful pastel lilac color, perfect for those spring/summer days. Zip up back and puff sleeves. Material is made out of 65% Cotton, 30% Viscose, 5% Linen, and Lining is 100% Polyester."

young blonde woman modeling a tan colored tank top with jeans
Courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Aymee Top: (Comes in Small, Medium & Large)

"The Aymee Top is named after our founder's Mother, Aymee Wrixon. This top is a must have basic essential for every wardrobe. Lightweight, soft and ribbed texture, with a cut out detail in front. Material is made out of 65% Rayon, 3% Spandex, and 29% Polyester."

young blonde woman modeling a rose pink colored long-sleeve top and pants while lounging on a plush couch
Courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Latte Top and Latte Pant: (Comes in Small, Medium & Large)

The Latte Top and Latte Pant set is inspired by the girls always on the go, the ones who just want to have the best of both worlds and be cozy and cute. This top and pant set is ideal for lounging, road trips, or just cause! Soft ribbed texture with an elastic waistband. Material is made out of 63% Polyester, 34% Rayon, and 3% Spandex.”

close up of a young blonde womans torso wearing a light-blue dress with a midriff cutout detail
Courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Bloom - Cut Out Mini Dress: (Comes in Small, Medium & Large)

"The Bloom - Cut Out Mini Dress is inspired by spring flowers, and a dare to be different. It is adjustable, self tie waist detail, with puff sleeves. Material is made out of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, and the Lining is 100% Polyester."

young blonde woman modeling a light yellow tank top and skirt set
Courtesy of Heather Wrixon.

Leo Top and Midi Skirt Set (Comes in Small, Medium & Large)

The Leo set is inspired by the Leo Zodiac sign because Leo represents the lion, and are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. Leo is ruled by the sun hence the yellow set and the name for this piece. It is lightweight and has an elastic waistband. Material is made out of 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex.”

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