Esports Game Series Blog: How to Get into Valorant

VALORANT is here and it is explosive! Here are all the basics you’ll need to know to dive in.

Dropped into a cel-shaded, pastel war front, walls of noxious green poison and bouncing shadow spheres barrage the battlefield at every turn. Ducking and darting through the hailstorm of bullets, you turn a corner to face an ambush of enemy players. Luckily, you aren’t alone, as suddenly from behind you, battle bots and electric arrows pierce the air as you charge headfirst into the fray.

VALORANT is the new team-based, five versus five first-person shooter, or FPS, a game from Riot Games, the company who brought us League of Legends, one of the most popular esports games in history. VALORANT has broken new ground in the FPS world and today, with the help of the Coastline Esports Club’s very own VALORANT veterans Ian Steenbergen (who goes by A Jelly Sandwich in VALORANT) and Guirguis (who goes by Gee in VALORANT), we will learn the what, the how and the why behind this exciting new game.

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(Thanks)Giving Tuesday

Here at Coastline we want to take a moment to talk about what #GivingTuesday (arriving December 1st) means to us, and, more importantly, to students.

A flotation device representing GivingTuesday

As of the publication of this blog, Thanksgiving is actually yet to finish, or even begin. So I’ll start by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! But I’d like to jump ahead a week to discuss a very important day in the calendar: GivingTuesday.

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Esports Game Series Blog: How to Get into Esports

Esports is an immense, flourishing world filled with possibility. Are you ready to begin your competitive esports journey but don’t know where to begin? Here are some of the best tips and tricks to start your esports odyssey!

Video games have been a booming phenomenon since Pong graced computer screens in the ’70s. Since then, video games have evolved to become an ever-elusive and expanding ecosystem of entertainment. Esports, the growing professional sport of competing in various video games, has begun to take center stage as viewers and participants alike rally together under an already social distanced past time. From competitive to casual, computer to console, with hundreds of contrasting video games to choose from in between, esports is an exploding industry because of its diverse options and its soaring profitability. As one considering involvement and interest in competitive video games but late to board the esports train, the question may arise: where do I begin? Well, here’s your golden ticket. Let me be your guiding Willy Wonka through this Chocolate Factory of esports! Let’s start with picking out a platform for your esports passage.

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3 Best Ideas for College Students to Survive Black Friday 2020

Black Friday marks the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holidays. It also famously initiates a frugal frenzy that often parallels piranhas fighting over lunch. Here are the three best ideas to survive Black Friday 2020.

Ahh, Black Friday. The ceremonial “spend-money-but-save-money-spending-money” event of the year. I can smell it in the air. Fortunately, due to the lockdown rules of COVID-19 constricting again, the seasonal stampede, mad-dash, fifty-yard wait lines and Lucha libre-like wrestling over the year’s greatest deals will be cancelled. Instead, what once was “Cyber Monday” will undoubtedly morph into a “Cyber 5-Day Weekend”. We must be prepared. Here are three of the best ways that you, as a student, can tell your children that you survived, gave the best gifts, and became a champion of Black Friday 2020.

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Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday

A reflection on such a community-oriented holiday, and why I love it, even minus the community in 2020 due to the pandemic.

A 2020 thanksgiving table setting, complete with autumnal placemats, colorful gourds, pine cones, and masks.

2020 has been quite a year. Words hardly do justice to the range of events that have pummeled our human shores, like waves crashing again and again on the beach. I won’t be able to list everything here; besides, there are innumerable personal tragedies, alongside the national and global ones, that have etched themselves into our lives that I simply don’t know about.

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College Disrupted – A Pandemic Gap Year Could Cost You $90k

90,000 is definitely a chunk of change. Find out how delaying college can cost that much or more, and what to do about it.

A diploma sits on top of 100 dollar bills and a graduation cap nearby.

What do you like to put off? Work? Chores? How about college? Because of the pandemic, more and more college-aged kids decided to delay starting their freshman year. There are a lot of reasons for this; some would say that in-person learning, surrounded by like-minded peers in the pursuit of…education? Partying? Both?… is an integral part of the college experience.

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The Next Generation of Gaming: Console Wars! PS5 or Xbox Series X (or Neither?)

Bigger, brighter, and better than ever, the new video game consoles are here! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty to see which one will fuel your next generation of gaming.

Source: Shutterstock

When I was eight years old, I would beg my parents to go over to my cousin’s house so that we could play on his Xbox together. When it was time for me to leave, my parents would drive me away from cherished moments playing Xbox with my cousin. After getting dragged home, another battle waged on between my three brothers over who got the most time on our family-owned PlayStation. Since PlayStation 1 and the original Xbox, the war between consoles has been an ongoing debate over which console is better: PlayStation or Xbox; and this week, that war continues as (much like our cell phones) the old consoles begin to be obsolete and the new consoles offer upgraded graphics, faster load times, newer games and bigger memory through the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. With new consoles comes competition over design, functionality, user-friendliness, games, esports, and subscriptions. These new consoles have launched this week; who will be the winner: Sony’s PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, or neither?

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10 Acts of Kindness To Do During the Pandemic

Kindness is key; it’s our secret superpower, and it’s time we started using it. Here are some ways to start.

A brown dog and gray cat cuddle together; it's adorable.

What does the world need right now, more than anything else? The best answer I come up with is some kind of collective, global, earth-shaking hug. But, since we still live in a pandemic, and that would probably be tough to organize anyway, I’ll settle for something just as good: small acts of kindness that can be practiced safely during these pandemic days.

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Honoring Our Veterans at Coastline College

A literary salute to our veterans and interviews with Michael Scott and Tom Boscamp of Coastline College on how to educationally serve those who served.

Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day. It is a chance to metaphorically, and perhaps literally, salute those who have given their time, their livelihoods, and maybe even their lives to serve our national interest in the United States, domestically or abroad. Since the end of the draft and the rise of the volunteer army, we civilians often keep our service members and veterans at a bit of an arms’ length distance. They remind us of global conflicts that seem far away and perhaps call to mind uncomfortable truths about human nature and ourselves.

What is the net affect of this distance? It’s tough to say with 100% certainty, but it’s worth pointing out that the rate of veteran suicide is approximately 1.5 times higher than non-veterans. It’s a sobering and saddening statistic; it should make you angry too. The prevailing notion in the U.S. is that we take care of our own, but I have to ask myself at least whether that’s true.

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Top 6 Reasons Why College Students Should Join their eSports Club

A national quarantine is rough on everybody and everything. . . except eSports! There has never been a better time to get involved in your college’s eSports Club.

Photo source: Shutterstock

Esports is taking the world by storm. With social distancing, restricted gathering, and persistent face masks, the virtual “stay-at-home” element of eSports has increased the overall viewers and eSports gamers to 495 million globally (almost as high as baseball) with a projection to soar even higher.

As a college student, there couldn’t be a better time to be involved with eSports (especially our very own blossoming Coastline Esports Club). Here, in no particular order, are the top 6 reasons why:

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The Job Hunt: November Is the Time to Look And Here’s Why

The uncomfortable truth about why November is a good time to start looking for a job. Put yourself, and your resume, out there!

Female brown bear scratching her back against a log giving an impression she was waving at us.
Source: Getty

The holiday season for humans is like hibernation for bears. But what activity consumes bears before they hibernate? Feeding and fattening up of course. And what’s the human equivalent of fattening up before winter? Networking and hunting for a job, that’s what.

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FRIGHT NIGHT: Halloween Movies For Your Halloweekend

A selection of spooky, and not so spooky, films to watch over the weekend, or whenever you want to feel your heart hammering in your chest.

Man loses his popcorn because he gets startled with fright...eeek!
Source: Getty

I have a friend who can’t stand scary movies. He’s not a fan of horror films or intense psychological thrillers in general, though I have known him to make a few exceptions here and there. Okay, okay, I can’t keep up this charade! That friend is me. I’m talking about myself! I don’t like scary movies *hangs head in shame*.

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How to Celebrate Halloween During a Pandemic

Hint: It involves lots and lots of candy. And maybe some spooky cocktails too…

Lighted Halloween Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Wearing Covid PPE Mask On Steps
Source: Getty

It’s Spooky Season folks. And what a spooky season it is. Trick-or-Treating is out this year (at least in California) and anxieties are running high, or they ought to be, because of the Presidential Election on November 3rd (VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!). As I said earlier this week in a different blog, it’s a stressful time. As the cool earthiness of autumn sets in it can be hard to remember what normalcy, good times, or even relaxation feels like.

So that’s why, even with trick-or-treating not in the cards (Tarot cards that is), I wanted to lay out a few ways you and your friends, peers, family, whoever, can still have a spooktacular Halloweekend. Let’s get to it.

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Got Zoom Fatigue? Here’s Some Ways to De-Stress During a Pandemic

A few ways to unwind and uncoil the knots of stress that I know are lodged deep within you as we speak (because I have them too).

A woman practicing deep breathing. Title Image.

On March 15, 2020, America went into lockdown. The experience was akin to a butterfly being forced back into a cocoon because of circumstances beyond its control. And then, two weeks later, America’s restless cocoon period was extended, and then extended again.

Now, different parts of the United States, and indeed the world, are operating at different frequencies of openness, business, socialness, etc. This has always been true of course, but now those frequencies are painted in sharp lines; it’s not that business looks different in Texas or Arizona from New York, it’s that it sort of has to look different, due to a virus that has taken more than 200,000 American lives, and sadly will continue to take more.

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Student Success Story: Probabilities on the Bus

Today, we bring you a Student Success Story about Teresa Moses, who overcame obstacles, wants to help create social justice programs, and practices her probabilities while she drives a bus for work.

Teresa's Wall of Motivation; filled with advice like "Laugh Daily" and "Live Kindly" and images.
Pictured, Teresa’s Wall of Motivation; courtesy of Teresa Moses

Having an open mind, a curiosity and desire to learn, is a highly underrated skill. Whether you are a child struggling to try a new food, a person experiencing a new culture for the first time, or a student taking their first statistics class, being open minded is essential to not just learning information and moving on, but to actually enjoying the process of learning itself and maybe even inspiring you to learn more.

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Defending Our Digital Borders: A Career in Cybersecurity

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s time to learn about a career that can defend our data and is worth every digital penny.

A Coastline College photo of a hand pointing at a metaphorical computer network.

Just a few days ago, news reports emerged that Russia, our enemy of past and present, planned on hacking the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games before the games themselves were pushed back to 2021 (due to the Pandemic). I can only speak for myself here (but I’d be willing to guess for you too) in saying that that would be a final straw. Finagle with our elections all you want, Kremlin (actually please stop doing that), but never mess with our right to watch captivating top tier athletes drape gold, silver, and bronze medals across their muscular necks and chiseled clavicles.

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How-To Time: Finding Under-the-Radar Scholarships & Nailing Your Application

Forget the NFL. It’s Scholarships Season! Just kidding, that’s year round; But how to get one? Or two? Here’s a quick guide on not just finding scholarships, but nailing your application too.

Mini graduation mortar board cap on money.
Source: Getty

Where are you right now—work? Home? School? Wherever you find yourself, the odds are you qualify for some kind of scholarship. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scholarships out there, for people of all walks of life, not just graduating high school students. There are job-specific scholarships; there are regional scholarships; there are those aforementioned high school scholarships, and a whole lot more besides.

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Why College Students Should Vote

Voting as a college student isn’t just a worthwhile act of civic engagement. It’s also your opportunity to tell those old fellas in power what’s what.

I am a voter. That seems like an uncontroversial statement to make in this nation of supposedly (so far at least) free elections. To talk about voting in the United States is such a common refrain that it feels almost cliché. But guess what? I’m an anomaly.

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7 Ways to Help a Survivor of Relationship Violence During a Pandemic (and Beyond)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Here are some resources for when a friend, peer, student, or whoever, is facing relationship violence and abuse, for Pandemic times and all other times.

Source: Getty

Every day, it now seems, has a host of meanings tacked on to it. National Ice Cream Day, National Puppy Day, National Fluffernutter Day; the list goes on and on. There are also many month-long remembrances, but these tend to take on more meaning, which is fitting considering they are undoubtedly more worthwhile to remember than many of the “National Days.” And that’s why it’s so important that we do keep track and do talk about what is going on each month. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is, without a doubt, an issue that needs to be talked about not just in October, but year round.

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How-To Time: Job Interview Dress Codes

A guide on dressing for those pesky virtual job interviews, courtesy of the pandemic.


Fashion Month has just concluded (Sept. 14 – Oct. 6) and that’s too bad. There’s really nothing better, in this writer’s obviously biased opinion, then watching showcases of luxuriant and out there fashions. We saw highlights from Loewe, subverting said luxury with a bit of a wink and some very bubbly looking garms; on a separate note, we also had the privilege (not really) of witnessing a sneaker collaboration between Cole Haan (the folks who make the dress shoes you get at the mall) and workplace messaging company Slack.

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Going Back to College During the Pandemic

If you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19, going back to school may be the smart move. Here’s a few tips on how to get started.

Source: Getty Images

Let’s not beat around the bush. This has been an extremely tough time for so many people, around the world, and all across the United States. The current pandemic has stretched our patience, our budgets, our health, and our wellbeing beyond words. Besides the number of global and American lives lost, for many people this time has been even worse for one simple reason: they lost their job.

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Understanding Anxiety and Depression

A primer on how to talk about anxiety and depression, two of the most prevalent mental illnesses facing college students and Americans in general.

Courtesy of the author

My balance was off kilter. My vision blurred. My breathing was shallow and quick, like I’d run a marathon without rest. But my legs wobbled to the point that I could hardly walk. I felt like vomiting. I stumbled from the shower without completely washing and collapsed on my bed. I had no idea what was happening. All I knew was that I didn’t want to play the baseball game that I was supposed to play later.

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Top Ten Mental Illness Awareness Movies

Movie Stills from some of the featured films on the list.

I remember the first time I saw Ordinary People (1980). It was just a month or so after my grandfather died. I think what struck me then, and still strikes me to this day, about legendary actor Robert Redford’s directorial debut is how the film’s characters cope with their grief at the loss of a son and brother. Each of the Jarrett family grapples with loss in their own way, some better than others, but the film allows each the dignity of their own grief and suffering.

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How to Promote Yourself for Your First Internship in Today’s Job Market

Have you finished your degree or certificate?  Are you looking for a summer internship?  Or maybe you are looking for your first career position in today’s job market.  We are here to give you some insights and guidelines to help market yourself for that all important first internship or beginning career employment.  Below are some of the important fundamentals and rules you need to follow to land that first coveted job placement towards your path of career success.     

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The Cost of Being a College Drop Out

Saturday, June 6th is National Higher Education Day.   What better way to reflect on this day than to reflect on  the pros and cons of getting a higher education.  There are those college dropouts like a Steven Jobs or a Bill Gates and others out there who have gone on to make millions and billions of dollars, but they literally are the exceptions.  Realistically, the value of a college education and earning a college degree for the rest of us, can open-up career opportunities that would not otherwise be available.  A college degree can also generally provide a higher standard of living and as well as a better life.    

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Top 10 Resume Tips to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile and Help You Land Your Dream Job

Graduation is upon us and, you have finished your finals. With all the hard work behind you and prepare for your new future, you are ready to go out into the workforce with your degree or certificate. We are here to help you get your resume in tip-top shape to conquer and land your dream job.

Remember, along with your degree or certificate, your resume is a reflection of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you are capable of doing. It is a marketing document showcasing your ability and skills. You need to create an attractive and appealing resume that contains information employers require. Without a proper resume, you will not get the interview or the job you want.

How many times have you glanced at a book or picked up a magazine to read and flipped through them briefly? How long did it take you to decide whether or not to continue? A few seconds maybe? Well, that is the exact same scenario with your resume. You need to show a compelling and convincing reason to make your potential employer want to meet with you for an interview.

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Coastline College Graduation Transfer Pathway Student Spotlight Stories for 2020

It is that time of year where graduation is upon us. Each year, Coastline College celebrates the accomplishments of our students and nothing commemorates that better than graduation. From their academic successes to their personal triumphs, each graduate has their own unique journey to the stage.
Half of US college students are the first in their family to go to college and this year is no exception. Each student has reached this chapter in their educational pursuit bringing their own individual experiences, efforts, and struggles to attain their degree or certificate. Coastline’s faculty and staff has always been deeply committed to our students’ success. We believe in a collaborate effort to guide our students through these challenges by providing a variety of resources and support to them through their educational endeavor.
This year we are highlighting our students who are completing their studies at Coastline and transferring on to a 4-year pathway college, CSU, or UC. We applaud them and have asked them to share their stories which have shaped their academic experience. Here are a few of their stories:

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Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) at Coastline Changes Lives for Disadvantaged Students – I Am One of Them

Most people don’t want to consider themselves disadvantaged or coming from a background in life that may have not been the greatest. There are several ways you can look at this, sometimes you have less hurdles than you really think. Possibly no one in your family ever graduated college so you think it is not even a reality for you. Maybe you are a single parent struggling to make ends meet and you may qualify for a program that will help you rise above your situation. I was in similar shoes one year ago when my father died, and I needed something in my life to change. I was dissatisfied with where I was in my life overall. I knew I could do better. I wanted to do better and improve my situation. I came to realize that people judge you based on your accomplishments. As a mother with two teenage kids, time was going by and I was not making moves fast enough. So, I decide to go back to school after 20 years. I did not have a dollar in my pocket, but I enrolled anyway, and I did not know how I was going to do it. Someone in student services suggested that I visit the EOPS office for aid in paying for my textbooks. The next day I walked in to the EOPS department for textbooks and to my surprise I walked out with groceries, my classes paid for, and a voucher for all my textbooks. It gave me a new lease on life and I knew the future I was hoping for was truly possible.

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Find out how you can “earn while you learn” with Work-Study

Your new career can start with a work-study opportunity at the college. Often times this serves as a paid internship.

Looking for ways to help pay for your college? Then you need to look at Federal Work-Study as an avenue to help defray the cost of getting a higher education. What is work-study?

According to the US Department of Education, Federal Work-Study provide part-time jobs for students with financial needs that allows them to earn money while in school to help pay for their education expenses. The program encourages community service work and gives students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while pursuing a college degree. Many of the jobs are located on the college campus. Here are some caveats and the steps to get to work-study opportunity at Coastline:

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Finals during Covid-19. Piece of Cake

Once again, it’s that time of the semester when everyone at school start saying the “F” word. My heart skips a beat whenever someone brings it up . Yes, we’re talking ……FINALS! I don’t know about you, but it seems that every single time the instructors start passing out that midterm final study guide, I’m always perplexed. Why? Because it always seems too soon to be at the halfway point of the course, especially for somebody who needs to catch up on their work.

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Coastline College Vice President of Instruction is the Recipient of The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program

Fountain Valley, CA, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program recently announced that Dr. Vincent Rodriguez, Vice President of Instruction at Coastline College, is one of 40 leaders selected for the 2020-21 class of the Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship, a highly selected leadership program preparing the next generation of community college presidents to transform institutions to achieve higher and more equitable levels of student success.  The Rising Presidents Fellows will embark on a 10-month fellowship beginning in July 2020.

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Ranked #4 Online College in The Nation Open for Summer

| Source: Coastline College – Marketing and Communications Director

Orange County, CA, April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coastline College announced that it will begin summer classes as scheduled on June 8 with online instruction offering a variety of online courses for 8 week and 10-week classes.  Coastline College was recently ranked #4 in the US for best online community colleges for 2020 by College Consensus.  The criteria used by College Consensus focused exclusively on regionally accredited, reputable institutions identified as community colleges or technical colleges and determined by the  number of available online degrees, web presence,  transparency about their offerings,  and user-friendliness of the learning platforms. 

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College Consensus Publishes Ranking of Top 50 Online Community Colleges for 2020

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — College Consensus (, a unique college ratings website that aggregates publisher rankings and student reviews, has published their ranking of the Best Online Community Colleges 2020 at

To identify the Best Online Community Colleges 2020, College Consensus focused exclusively on regionally accredited, reputable institutions identified as community colleges or technical colleges. Editors researched the number of available online degrees, then added three further factors to rank:

  • web presence
  • transparency about their offerings
  • user-friendliness of the learning platforms

These three factors help students and their families determine whether the community college they are considering will have a real, qualitative impact on their careers and lives. 

The Top 10 Community Colleges of 2020 are:

1. Wake Technical Community College

2. Lenoir Community College

3. Foothill College

4. Coastline Community College

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Tips and Techniques for Success with Online Courses

Social distancing has brought with it a new reality that would directly impact our education system for the next few months. Moving forward, the class lesson plan will continue online. Unless you’ve already had some experience with them, taking online college courses can represent a bit of a learning curve according to Hopefully they could benefit you . Remember as all things practice makes perfect. There are many benefits to online courses such as developing self-motivation. For many students this is a convenient way to juggle personal, professional, and academic responsibilities. Online students will have the flexibility to schedule class time in a way that works around their lifestyle.

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How to Work Effectively From Home

It is no longer necessary to be in an office full-time to be a productive member of the team. For employers, working from home can boost productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs, while employees enjoy perks like flexibility and the lack of a commute. Recently the arrival of Covid-19 triggered a chain of events including a declaration of a national emergency. Citizens all over the globe have followed the Stay-At-Home orders in order to stop the spread of the virus. Many companies have had to transition to employees working from home. Due to the sequence of events that have taken place under the state of emergency, you are going to want to make sure that your productivity stays in tip top shape while working from home.

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Online College? Coastline College Has Been Ahead Of Its Time And With COVID-19… the Time Has Come

Orange County, CA, March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coastline College located just outside of Los Angeles in Orange County, California through innovation, technology, and education, has been a leader in online education and distance learning since it was founded in 1976. Coastline College has four campuses, yet 80% of these courses have always been offered to students online or in a distance learning format. Since the spread of the coronavirus became a pandemic, the dynamic has changed disrupting the U.S. education system. Schools, colleges and universities completely closed across the country while trying to transition to online learning. However, this contemporary wave of education to online learning is old school for Coastline College.

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Top 12 Most Popular Online Majors & Best Online Degrees for Careers?

The internet has opened amazing doors of opportunity for the world. Before the internet, if you wanted to get an education or degree, you had to go to a physical location and live in close proximity to a college or institution. Nowadays with online education you are no longer subject to these traditional barriers to education. Courses can be taken online from colleges and universities no matter where the school is located. Additionally, with the flexibility that online classes offer, you can also manage your work schedule easier around these flexible class schedules. As a result, the workforce is being educated while working which is a new trend in the history of higher education. What was unheard of a generation ago, is becoming common place. Now you can get your degree online, anywhere, anytime, without the constraints of having to be physically located on a college campus.

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Why a Hybrid College Experience Can Make Financial Sense

The cost of college is getting more expensive year after year. But it is important and quite valuable to get a college education and obtain marketable skills in today’s competitive workforce. The thought of paying for four years of college may seem unattainable but there are smart, economical ways to make the cost of college possible. That is why a “hybrid” college experience can make financial sense.

So, what is a hybrid college experience? This is where the student attends a local community college for the first 1-2 years of higher education, and then transfers to a four-year college to finish a degree. The average cost of attending a two-year college is much less than that of a four-year institution and it is one of the smartest choices to reduce the cost of your college education.

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Coastline College Hosts Special Community Town Hall with US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink

Mr. Daniel Kritenbrink, US Ambassador to Vietnam, came to Coastline College for a townhall to “listen to the aspirations and concerns” of the Vietnamese people in his first visit to Little Saigon, in Orange County, California, February 19, 2020. The Community Town Hall event was organized by the office of Congressman Alan Lowenthal who leads the Congressional Vietnam Caucus, along with Congressman Lou CorreaCongressman Harley Rouda, and Congresswoman Katie Porter. All were in attendance at the town hall held at Coastline College’s Garden Grove campus.

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Top Ten Ways to Start a New Semester

Shot of a young female student standing with her books on campus

It is a new year and a new decade, as well as the new spring semester, is upon us.  So now is the time to organize and plan on making this new semester, new year, and new decade start off on the right track. What are some of the best ways to start a new semester? Well, this blog and a few Coastline College experts are here to help give you some beneficial and effective suggestions of how to start this Spring semester off in the right way and build good habits for a lifetime.    

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Press Release: Orange County’s Coastline College is Recognized for 2 Top Degree Programs in the U.S.

January 22, 2020, 08:05 ET | Source: Coastline College – Marketing and Communications Director

Orange County, California, Jan. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The best-kept secret in the state, Coastline College, located just outside of Los Angeles in Orange County, California has been a top front runner of both the 1700 community colleges nationwide, as well as four-year universities, in many categories., a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, has awarded Coastline College top-ranking status for multiple degree programs, including Best Certificate Degree Programs and Best Associate in Psychology Degree Programs for 2020.  

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How Going Back to College Keeps You on the Cutting Edge

Have you thought of going back to college to learn new skills or to change your career?   Maybe you reached a midlife milestone and are making a career switch. Well now is as good of a time as any! Going back to school can keep you on the cutting edge and provide you with the expertise and knowledge you may need for a new career pathway.  For those of you 40 and over, if you are in the market for a whole new career and willing to go back to school, you are not alone.  Of the 21 million people enrolled in higher education programs, 2.3 million are between the ages of 40-64, up from 1.9 million in 2007.     

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Press Release: Coastline College’s Cybersecurity Program Receives the Exemplary Program Award for 2020

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, Jan. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has awarded Coastline College’s Cybersecurity program the Exemplary Program Award, one of two colleges out of the 115 California community colleges for 2020.  Sponsored annually by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the Board of Governors established the Exemplary Program Award in 1991 to recognize outstanding community college programs that support the community college mission and serve as models for other community colleges.  The California Community Colleges system is the largest public higher education system in the country, enrolling over 2.38 million students annually.  

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College Student Gift Giving Guide

It’s a pretty well-known and widely accepted fact that the majority of college students experience very tight finances during at least one semester of their college career.  Between tuition and textbook costs, school supplies, and general everyday expenses, being able to add holiday gifts into a college student’s budget can be a daunting task.  Here are five tips for still being able to provide some holiday cheer to your loved ones without inflicting a big hit to your wallet!

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5 Ways to Get Free Money for College

How does free money for college sound?   It is that time of year again. Not just for holidays and gift-giving, but also for the start of the scholarship season. The great thing about scholarships, unlike other financial aid help like loans, is that they don’t have to be paid back.  A scholarship is a financial aid award for students to further their education and the money is yours to spend on your schooling needs.  In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to get free money for college through scholarship opportunities. 

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7 Ways to Make the Best of Your Winter Break

The holidays are fast approaching and for many students that means one thing they’ve likely been counting down to – WINTER BREAK!  Woohoo, you’re free!  However, not everyone’s winter break looks the same.  While some revel in the time off and don’t plan to leave their bed or couch for a solid week or more, plenty still like to stay busy and either get a head start or catch up on various tasks or projects.  Here are seven ways you can maximize your winter break to get yourself in a prime position to start your Spring semester on the right foot.

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How to Upgrade Your Brain – Top Ten Reasons to Take Read C102

You know how to read, of course. But do you know how to read well enough to ace your college classes? They’re two different skills. However, I learned this the hard way. I used to go through books as a kid and absorb as much information as possible, but what I didn’t know is that I could do more with the skill of reading than by, well, uh, merely reading! I had no clue I could take reading comprehension to this great high Zen level that could make college and my future job not only easier but make me more successful in the process.

Continue reading “How to Upgrade Your Brain – Top Ten Reasons to Take Read C102” Announces Best Associate in Psychology Degree Programs for 2020

Degree holders gain increased earning potential with career opportunities upon graduation from these top-ranked institutions.

SEATTLE, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning, has announced the Top 47 Associate in Psychology Degree Programs for 2020. The comprehensive research guide is based on an assessment of 81 accredited colleges and universities in the nation. Each program is evaluated based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment.

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Working and Learning Remotely: How to Earn a College Degree or Teach College at Coastline While Living on an Island

Professor David Michael Lee

You may have heard of expatriates living on a tropical island teaching English to the native population, but you may not know is that you can live on an island, Catalina Island in this case, which is located just 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles County in Southern California and teach at a college or even earn a college degree!

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Press Release: Coastline College is honored again by Military Times as one of the Best for Vets Colleges for 2020 and salutes U.S. Military Veterans on Veterans Day

ORANGE COUNTY (November 8, 2019)

Serving the Military for more than 40 years, Coastline College located in Southern California has been dedicated to supporting the unique and mobile lifestyle of its military students, families, and veterans. As a result of the college’s commitment to these students, Military Times has recognized Coastline College, once again, as a Best for Vets College. The 2020 award is in the Online and Nontraditional Schools category.  

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Local Middle School Student Highlights Coastline’s Cybersecurity Program in Fullerton Observer

If you have not heard already, Coastline’s Cybersecurity Department produces local programs, events, and camps for interested members of the community including specialty programs for young students, which was recently attended by middle school student, Francine V. Feeling inspired and encouraged in her interest, Francine shared her experience with the Fullerton Observer about upcoming Coastline events, information about Cybersecurity and her time with Cyber Tech Girls, a program that encourages middle and high school female students in the field of Computer Science.

See full article below.

Fullerton Observer Article

If you’re in middle school and you want to learn more about cybersecurity, Troy High School is holding free training every Thursday, 3:30pm – 6:00pm, in preparation for the CyberPatriot XII National Competition on March 19-23, 2020 in Maryland.

Troy High School was the 2018 and 2019 national champion and their champion team-members are helping to train middle school students.  No experience is needed and all you have to do is join your school’s CyberPatriot Club so your school can help you sign up.

First of all, what is a CyberPatriot?  According to the AFA CyberPatriot website, “CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.”

Francine V. original Article. *Article has been altered to maintain privacy.

This program was started by the Air Force in 2009.  There are many features associated with the program including CyberPatriot competitions, free training, CyberPatriot clubs in schools and the Cyber Tech Girls (CTG), organized to encourage more middle and high school female students to gain interest in computer science. The reason this program was created is not only to address the lack of female professionals in the cyber security industry, but also, according to GenCyber Program Director Tobi West, professor of Coastline College, “It is imperative that female students are encouraged to enjoy experiences related to cybersecurity in a fun, no-pressure environment.  These types of experiences can help guide and develop future interest in cybersecurity education and professions.”

An example of a job in cyber security is Cyber Security Consultant with an average salary of $100,000.  These professionals play both the attacker and the defender.  They determine the weaknesses of a computer system and figure out how to strengthen it to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in any cyber security program, you can join upcoming events such as the CyberTech Expo 2019 on October 18 from 6-9pm and/or CTF (Capture the Flag) Cyber Defense Competition for Beginners on *October 19 from 9am – 2pm, all happening at Coastline College in Garden Grove.

*This article has been revised by Coastline College as the event is now October 19th.

Why College Grads Earn A Million More Than Those Who Don’t Go

To be, or not to be,” that is the question asked by William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet.  The proverbial question one asks oneself when growing up is;  what do I want to be, who do I want to become, or what career do I want, to have a nice life and make a good living?  With all these questions, comes the next step, do I need to go to college to achieve my chosen goal? 

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Welcome! The faculty, management, and staff of Coastline College are excited to welcome you to the Fall 2019 term. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way as you pursue and achieve your academic goals. All of our caring personnel are eager to help and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to explore our extensive student support services and take advantage of all that’s available to you!

Classes begin the week of Monday, August 26th!


If you decide not to attend one or more of the classes in which you are enrolled, you need to drop the classes by the refund deadline. Refer to your Student Class Program, Web Schedule Bill for drop dates for each of your courses to ensure the fees are cancelled. For a successful start to your semester, follow these steps:


Teacher Feature: Tobi West

This week’s teacher feature is professor and department chair, Tobi West (CISSp, GCFE, CCFE) of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Computer Services Technology (CST). From hosting camps and workshops for teen girls in cybersecurity and technology called CyberTech Girls to spearheading Coastline College apprenticeship program, watch Professor West share her expertise with ITProTV for a special interview (above).

As the chair and professor for the department, Professor West has spent a great deal innovating offerings to provide the best for students, which was featured in last week’s Teacher Feature: Innovative Instructors. With this approach, the department has been recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security.

Want to learn more about the Cybersecurity. Interested in a career in technology?

Explore Cybersecurity

Blog: The Evolving Future of the MBA Program

As many students probably have experienced by now is that the way we learn is changing. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons such as innovative technology, online teaching platforms (ex: Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable), self-hosting vloggers, the rise of social media influencers, or simply finding success outside traditional means.

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Student Spotlight: Artis Knox

Presented by SoulPancake and Bonobos, check out the video and Coastline ask that you share his story as it might inspire as well.

Each semester, Coastline College celebrates the accomplishments of our students and nothing commemorates that better than graduation. From their academic successes to their personal triumphs, each graduate has their own unique journey to the stage.

One story that stood out this year is that of Artis Knox from our 2019 Spring Commencement. Faced with many challenges on his path, Artis successfully earned a college degree while incarcerated and after his release. This was due to Coastline’s initiatives towards providing education to incarcerated students as well.

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News: Coastline College President Awarded for Excellence in Leadership

Dr. Loretta Adrian, Ph.D., President of Coastline College

Dr. Loretta Adrian, Ph.D., president of Coastline College in Orange County, California, was recently honored with the “Outstanding President” award from the California Community College Council for Staff and Organizational Development. The award is presented to a president/chancellor in the California community college system to recognize excellence in

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Press Release: Coastline College Honored Again as #2 of the Most Promising Places to Work in Community Colleges Nationwide

Dr. Lori Adrian, President, collaborating with Coastline staff members.

Every year, Diverse Magazine: Issues in Higher Education, spotlights the Most Promising Places to Work in Community Colleges. For both 2018 and 2019, Coastline College has been recognized as #2 on this list in the nation, in addition to being the only community college in California.

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Press Release: Coastline Promise Program Helps First-Year College Students to Attend College for Free

What if you could attend your first year in college – for free? The Coastline Promise Program helps provide financial and academic support to recently qualified high school graduates to attend community college while eliminating the financial barrier facing students and allow them to focus on education and not on student debt.

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