Five Most Anticipated In-Demand Careers in 2024

Planning to start your career search in 2024? Or maybe considering a career shift? A good place to start is checking out which careers are expected to be in-demand in the coming years so you can be sure to have plenty of options for job offers – here are a handful to check out to get you started!

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With a new year comes new considerations for the future, which include navigating the rapidly changing workforce. Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or looking to pivot to a new career, both require knowledge of emerging trends and demands in the career landscape.

With this in mind, I have pulled together a short list of five careers that are anticipated to be some of the most in-demand careers in 2024! From digital promotion to guarding the nation’s cyberspace, keep reading to explore possible options for your next career path!

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1. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands, products, or people throughout various digital channels and platforms and is largely shaped by consumer trends, according to Forbes. As our world becomes more digital, companies are evolving from traditional marketing and are looking to expand their online presence further, and they’ll need digital marketing specialists to do it!

Role: As a digital marketing specialist, your job will encompass staying up to date with trends and changes in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. You will be involved in the creation and upkeep of a brand’s digital presence. This can include sending out email newsletters, and blog posts, posting across social media platforms, paid promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), collecting and analyzing digital data, and more!

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2. Cybersecurity Specialists

Rising global Cybercrime costs are projected to reach 9.5 trillion in 2024 with an annual increase of 15%, making Cybersecurity integral to today’s digital landscape, according to The demand for cybersecurity specialists is rising each day as companies seek to safeguard themselves against the increasing frequency of cyberattacks.

Role: According to, Cybersecurity Specialists’ responsibilities include leading security-related technical projects, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting key security performance metrics, aiding in incident response procedures, and more.

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3. AI Engineer

We saw a huge surge of evolvement in Artificial Intelligence in 2023, and it shows no signs of slowing down this year. According to a report done by, AI and Machine Learning specialists’ jobs are projected to grow by 40% by 2027.

As AI continues to expand and become integrated into more industries across the board, AI Engineers are needed to program and create algorithms for AI machinery to ensure they’re progressing smoothly with ever-evolving technological and digital advances.

Role: In Indeed’s AI Engineer Career Guide, the AI Engineer job involves gathering and analyzing data for future considerations in AI development, staying up to date on technological advances, developing custom AI models, and more.

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4. Nurse Practitioner

According to the U.S. News Best Jobs of 2024 ranking, Nurse Practitioners is the #1 job to have in 2024, with a 0.6% unemployment rate. In an article with U.S. News, the president of the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners, Olivia MJ Newby, says nurse practitioners are highly desired because of increasing healthcare workforce shortages, and with 88% of them being certified in primary care, they can fill the gaps in primary care.

Role: According to, Nurse practitioners collaborate with physicians, and have the responsibility to give a physical diagnosis, disease prevention, and treatment of common episodic and chronic problems, and more.

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5. Sustainability Analyst

Are you interested in making a sustainable difference in the world? As companies endeavor to adopt more sustainable practices, sustainability experts are being sought after to gather data and create models to help companies make a sustainable shift.

Role: As defined by, Sustainability analysts analyze data, identify changing trends in environmental impact, and use this data to find areas where they can improve and strengthen their sustainability practices.

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This is a non-exhaustive list and there are various careers out there that could be just right for you! As you job search, be sure to find careers that align with your skillset, and what you want to do, and examine how you can transfer and evolve what you know to the careers currently in demand.

Remember, the career landscape is vast, but you don’t have to wander it alone! Coastline’s Career Services is a great source for help with further career exploration, job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, and more!

Happy job searching!

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