10 Reasons Why Coastline is the College for You

Life has no shortage of important decisions one must face – what car to buy, what college to go to, where to live, what house to buy…the list goes on. While we can’t really help with the car, the house, or where to live, we do know colleges – and here are 10 reasons why Coastline College should be your pick.

Coastline college dolphin mascot Fin stands at the Westminster campus next to a sign advertising the Coastline Mobile App
Coastline College's dolphin mascot, Fin, welcome students to the Westminster-Le Jao Campus

The end of the year is sneaking up quickly, and before you know it, it’ll be the end of the school year. You might be thinking about where you want to go to college, or you may just be looking to take a couple of extra classes to enhance your knowledge in that one area of interest you’ve always wanted to study deeper.

Well, if this is one stop in your endless research, close all your other tabs and look no further—below are 10 reasons why Coastline is the college for you!

1. College on Your Terms

Coastline has been a leader in distance and online education for the past 45 years, and this shows in the flexibility it offers to its diverse range of students! With over 70 fully online degree and certificate programs, Coastline’s online education provides flexible learning options for all students to learn anywhere, at any time, on their terms!

In addition to a brand new Student Services Center in Fountain Valley, Coastline also has three in-person learning campuses throughout Orange County - Newport Beach, Garden Grove, and Westminster-Le Jao - that are available for students who are in hybrid classes, want to attend primarily in-person, or just want a change of scenery as they study for finals. Whether you choose to be online, in-person, or somewhere in between, Coastline will meet you where you’re at!

2. Transferring Made Easy

The act of transferring from a 2-year college to a 4-year university can seem long, tedious, and certainly confusing, but Coastline’s Transfer Services are here to guide you through the process!

Transferring is made easy through Coastline’s Transfer Center, with up-to-date information about transfer requirements, transfer workshops, and both in-person and virtual transfer fairs. With articulation agreements with CSUs, UCs, independent/private universities, and out-of-state universities, students are provided with the necessary preparation they need to seamlessly transfer from Coastline to a 4 year institution.

With the abundance of transfer resources available, students will be more than prepared for the next stage of their education by the time they graduate from Coastline!

young dark-haired woman works on a laptop

3. Affordability

As we all know, one of the main predicaments in going to college is the price tag. Sometimes the stress of studies along with the burden of college debt can be too much to hold in students’ minds at one time. However, Coastline is committed to finding affordable ways for students to pursue their college education with little to no costs.

There are a variety of financial aid options available students at Coastline – from state and federal grants after completing your FAFSA, to scholarshipsthe iGrad Personal Finance tool, or affordable loans, Coastline’s Financial Aid Office can help guide you through the process of finding all the types of aid you qualify for and which of those would be the best route to take.

Additionally, students can pay their way through school through Federal Work-Study, which provides flexible, part-time jobs to eligible students to help them pay the costs of their attendance, as well as provides students with valuable work experience and networking opportunities.

Explore Financial Aid @ Coastline

4. Advance Your Skills with Career-Focused Programs

Are you looking to gain or advance skills to make yourself a marketable prospect in the workforce? Well, with Coastline’s career-focused certificate programs, you can enter the workforce quicker, get a head start in your career, enhance your skills in the field or industry you’re currently in, as well as give yourself a competitive edge as you enter the workforce.

Coastline also offers the Work-Based Learning program, which allows students to obtain college credit in a select number of fields for the hours they work each day, and students can quickly find themselves with a certificate or degree under their belt in no time!

5. Dual Enrollment

High school students—there’s space for you too! Coastline’s Dual Enrollment program is offered to high school students looking to get ahead in their college journey, and the best part is as a high school student, tuition costs are waived!

With a flexible class schedule throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters, students can choose classes in general education or hands-on career training. After graduating high school and finishing up at Coastline, dual enrollment students can end up well ahead of the pack with an associate degree already under their belt, and, after transfering their credits to a CSU, UC, private, or out-of-state university, being well on their way to their bachelors degree.

a service man sits on a couch in dim light looking at a laptop

6. Military Students

Coastline provides support and services to fit the unique needs that come with life as a military student, family, and veteran!

For starters, priority registration is offered to any California resident who is an active or former member of the Armed Forces of the United States, and a maximum of 40 credits is awarded for military training and experience, along with degree/certificate pathways to help service members reach their goals.

For Veterans, The Veteran Resource Center is available as a hub for support, information, and various forms of assistance ranging from educational with academic counseling to personal with mental health resources as they make the transition from military to civilian life.

Veteran and Coastline Student, Adam Lozis, says the center’s support made his transition easier as they helped guide him and showed him what he needed to get his AA degree.

Coastline Resources for Military & Veteran Students

7. Student Resources

If you’re navigating the collegiate landscape, perhaps for the first time or the first time in a long while, the process can be confusing, overwhelming, and stressful, but Coastline students can rest in the knowledge that they’re not alone! As students are on their educational journey, they can turn to Coastline’s Academic Counseling Department and meet with counselors through Zoom, on the phone, or e-advise for help with planning out their education, transferring, and any other questions they have!

But don’t worry, Coastline’s academic help doesn’t stop at planning your education! Coastline’s Student Success Resource Center offers virtual tutoring, learning assistance, workshops, and a College Readiness Program, free of charge to all students!

Other resources include the Writing Center, available online and in-person, which provides help for students who want to strengthen their writing and provides individual support for different writing assignments, and Coastline’s Online Library, which provides students with resources, training, and support with research for papers, and you can even contact a librarian for further help!

8. Career Services

While in college, many students are working towards a career or want to work towards one but have no idea where to start—cover letters and resumes are hard to format, and rejection emails are frustrating to receive! Coastline’s Career Services is here to assist students through the process of finding a job and exploring the career field they want to be in. Students can get support through career fairs and virtual one-on-one appointments with Coastline’s Career Services Specialist Dr. Paolo Varquez, plus career exploration, mock interviews, tailoring of resumes and cover letters, and more!

Many students have found success through Career Services, including current Coastline student, La Tasha Petersonlee, whose utilization of the services led her to find a job with the City of Los Angeles.

Students can also utilize Coastline’s Career Coach, which allows students to explore careers and occupations that match Coastline’s offered majors.

In addition, students can search for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities related to their majors to gain the experience and skills necessary to enter their desired field or industry.

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9. Student Mental Health Services

With events happening in the news and in our personal lives, life can feel heavy and stressful and as a result, our studies can suffer, and our grades can drop. Coastline’s Student Mental Health Services are provided by liscenced Mental Health Therapists both in-person and virtually and serve to support students through mental health challenges, regardless of their backgrounds, and are completely free for enrolled Coastline students.

Services provided also include group therapy, wellness workshops, consultation, training, and more!

10. Basic Needs Assistance

Through assistance with basic needs like food, housing, technology, and textbooks, Coastline provides students with the day-to-day support they need to focus on and be successful in their studies.

The Food Pantry, located at Coastline’s Newport Beach and Garden Grove Campuses, is available to students who are experiencing food insecurity and also provides them with information on the CalFresh food assistance program.

Coastline's dolphin mascot, Fin, stands in front of the food pantry distribution at the Newport Beach campus
Coastline's dolphin mascot, Fin, stands in front of the food pantry distribution at the Newport Beach campus

Instead of students having to struggle to keep up with where a college is at, Coastline offers an education that meets students where they are—literally and physically! If you’re looking for a college that will meet your specific needs, and on your terms, this is the college for you!

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