Student Feature: Finding Community in Coastline Veteran Services with Adam Lozis

“Veterans Day is a good time to remember people that, you were in the service with, and not everyone was lucky enough to make it back, but it's a time to really remember all your service, men and women that you serve with. You're never going to forget your time in the military. It's always going to be with you. It’s a time to look back and reflect on the good times and the not-so-good times that you had.” – Adam Lozis

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Here at Coastline, we are commemorating Veterans Day by highlighting and honoring those within our community who have sacrificed and served. For more than 40 years, Coastline has been dedicated to serving and providing its Military students, families, and veterans with the support they need to succeed as they pursue higher education.

In this interview we'll learn about Veteran and Coastline student, Adam Lozis, and his journey from an aircraft technician in the United States Air Force to now studying Cybersecurity at Coastline.

Adam served nine years in the Air Force before coming to Coastline to obtain his AA in Cybersecurity. Below, Adam gives insight into his transition from the Air Force to civilian life, going back to college, and the resources that were most helpful to him throughout his journey.

coastline college student and air force veteran adam lozis
Coastline Student Adam Lozis. (Image provided by Adam Lozis)

Adam’s Story

When Adam got out of the military, the transition from military to civilian life was hard. He worked as an aircraft electrician in the Air Force for nine years, and while he was there, he ended up getting hurt, which prevented him from continuing to perform aircraft maintenance jobs. “I ended up looking around for different career fields, and I ended up finding cybersecurity. It’s a good fit for me because it’s still a type of computer maintenance, and I’ll still be troubleshooting.”

In his search, he found Coastline and saw that the college offered the Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense program, which works to “increase students' understanding of Cyber Defense technology, policy, and practices to work collaboratively as professionals to enable our Nation to effectively prevent and respond to a catastrophic cyber event.”

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While Adam had his reservations about going back to college, he found support in Coastline’s Veteran community. “I ended up going to the Coastline Veteran Resource Center, and I met up with Tom Boscamp, and some other veterans that work there. They made me feel so at home and so welcome. Any question I had they were able to answer for me. It just really made me feel like I’m making the right choice to go back to college.”

A Certified Veteran Peer Support Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Certified, and U.S. Army Veteran himself, Tom Boscamp has coordinated Coastline’s Veteran Resource Centers for over ten years, and has introduced Outside the Wire Mental Health Counseling, New Student Veteran Orientation, the Meals in a Box program, and VetNet Ally, technology for student veterans.

the entrance of coastline's veteran resource center at the fountain valley student services center
Coastline College's Veteran Resource Center at the Fountain Valley Student Services Center

The resource center serves as an informational and supportive hub for Coastline students and Veterans to discover the wide array of resources available to them as they transition from the military and reintegrate into civilian life.

Adam cites the center as a helpful resource, saying that when he didn’t know what classes to pick, they guided him, and showed him what he needed to get his associate’s degree. “To get back in an academic environment is a lot different from the military. Coastline and the Veteran Resource Center have made the transition a lot easier for me—they were able to guide me the right way.” He also notes online classes as a helpful resource, due to the flexibility they provide as opposed to in-person classes.

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Though it’s been a difficult transition, skills Adam has learned in the military, namely time management, have been helpful in his schooling. “Time management and time punctuality are pretty important for college—and just being able to get the job done. It’s really important while going back to school and being able to complete your degree—that’s going to make you more marketable.” Additionally, the leadership skills he learned during his time in the military have proven to be helpful as he’s been a part of group projects and has been able to guide other college students.

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For students transitioning from the military to civilian life, Adam wants them to know it’s never too late to go back to college and start a new career. “It’s a really good choice and Coastline’s definitely helped me. I’m going to be starting over because I was an aircraft electrician for nine years, and now, I’m going into cyber security. It’s helped me get my foot in the door and transition to a new career.”

Thank you, Adam, and all Veterans who have sacrificed and served for this country!

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